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New Moon in Capricorn December 23, 2022

Security – Roots – Achievement – Responsibility – Self-discipline

Maturity – Retirement – Old Age - Accomplishments

Are you ready to plant some seeds? How about create a plan to achieve what it is you want in the year to come. Every New Moon starts a 3 year cycle that is called the Lunar Gestation Phase, so being aware and setting goals and intentions every month that are important to you is how we use the New Moon. There are so many areas of life that are activated by a New Moon in Capricorn and we should pay attention to what is on our radar. Meaning we should be aware of what we need and then intend to do something about it. Perfect activity for a New Moon.

The New Moon is December 23, 2022 at 5:17 AM EST @ 1 degree of Capricorn

Here are some things the Capricorn Moon is in charge of and that means we will be focusing in these areas. Some of us may feel the need to engage in planning for the future; wherever you are in life. It could be we are focused on our retirement and the comforts and security we want in our old age.

And then there are you that are just starting out in life or are in mid-life looking to make your way in the world or to make a big change. What are your goals? Do you need more education or training to get the job you want. Job = income = security. Maybe more training means a better position at work which means more income = security.

You may be ready to be a manager or boss of some kind. Does that feel too grown up for you? It might for some but not for others. Are you ready to be self-employed? Then set those goals. 

Is it time to focus on your physical well-being? Strength training is a Capricorn activity and finding self-discipline to exercise is a great goal.

All of these things are Capricorn related and if any of them resonate with you set goals and intentions around them. There are many possibilities to choose from just do what resonates for you.

On to the other side of Capricorn. Self-esteem and feeling insecure. These too are Capricorn qualities that can be stirred up with a New Moon.

This time of year can be hard on people’s mental state to begin with and one of the shadow pieces of Capricorn is our self-esteem and feeling insecure. How we see ourselves and judge ourselves. It can be a vicious circle. If you find yourself spiraling down reach out to your safe people and get help. Do not sit in your insecurities.

This is also a fabulous opportunity period to evaluate how you are feeling and to start on a new path in that regard. Having a Gratitude practice is a great place to start. 

We can really accomplish a lot with a Capricorn New Moon, it is a very grounded and disciplined Zodiac sign. So find the time to focus on your wants and needs, we only get one Capricorn New Moon a year and this is the time to create the foundations, patterns and structures for the coming year and also the 3 year Lunar Gestation Phase that starts with this and every New Moon.

Depending on where this New Moon is in your chart, what house it falls in, and if it activates any of your natal planets, there will be additional items to focus on and express. (If you are inspired to know reach out for a personal session).

I will leave you with that for now. The video forecast based off of this blog and with additional content will be on You-Tube.



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