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October 25, 2022 New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

Eclipses – Reset – Initiate – Recalibrate – Psychology

Are you ready to begin your healing journey?

As I sit here staring at a blank screen trying to figure out what my approach will be for the up coming ECLIPSES it dawns on me how much things are changing. Over the last few years we have all been through so much collectively and personally. Some of us have handled what life served up well enough, and others have had some very big life challenges.

I guess the question I would ask myself and thus you is this. Can you identify what you are holding on to and not healing? In essence I'm asking you, are you conscious of what your unconscious mind is responding to? That is not very likely if it is unconscious.

Have you worked through any issues that rose out of the last few years? In a lot of circumstances I know for me and many others it was easier just to keep moving forward, do what needed to be done. That usually means we buried the feelings so we could just get by during intense moments in life.

It has also been part of my personal journey and at this point in time I feel I am at a huge reset. This happens to us all at some point in life. However being an Astrologer I can see it in my own chart and for years I knew this time in my life 2020-2023 would be a period when many things would be shifting, and I would need to pivot. This is where I am right now, still doing all the mundane things I need to do, but I also feel like I am in limbo. What is next? What does Spirit want from me now? Where can I be the happiest and also serve?

The reason I am being so personal and bringing this up is because I hear it all the time from clients, so I know I am not alone. We all have our own work to do. Just making sure there are no pedestals nearby.

Now don’t worry we are up for it and I look forward to whatever the Universe/Sprite/God has in store. I still have another year but will admit I do look forward to looking back at this period in time.

The lessons we are all learning right now are huge on a personal and Soul level as well as for humanity.

The reason I am sharing like this is because the eclipses we are having are all about taking things to the next level, going deeper, transforming, healing, changing. With the Eclipses this season being in the polarity of Taurus and Scorpio with Uranus playing a big roll we are assured that we have an opportunity over the coming months to be shown where and how to work on our deeper issues. For some of us the deeper stuff will continue to come to the surface until we are done with the Scorpio eclipses in 2023. With Uranus close by and Venus included in this New Moon Solar Eclipse our changing values are welcomed. Some of the solutions and healing will be surprising and even freeing thanks to Uranus being near. “Uranus will be more involved in the Eclipse on November 8th.”

This Scorpio Eclipse is happy to help and has a passion for bringing out whatever is uncomfortable and hidden. It wants us to bring things to consciousness so we can heal.

A word of caution too: We can become very vulnerable to our own hurts and wounds and lash out at others, it's super important that we take our time and process these deeper feelings that are coming to the surface so we don’t do that.

Taurus/Scorpio Eclipses May 16, 2022. October 25, 2022. November 8, 2022. May 5, 2023.

Ultimately the Scorpio energy of this eclipse and the others, is about creating consciousness around things in our lives that we have made unconscious or has been unconscious due to being too painful to face. Psychological counseling can play a large roll in our healing as well as energy work, Ancestral Healing and Shamanism. These practices serve us well in moving through and then beyond our wounds.

This is exactly what the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio October 25th is all about. An opportunity to initiate something on a deeper level. Scorpio is like that it wants us to take the deeper dive, to research, study, process and transform using the tools and modalities just mentioned. 

Are you ready to begin your healing journey?

I know a lot of you LOVE doing New Moon wishes. Write out what it is you would like in your life. Plus add in a few things that relate to Scorpio as well. I have just listed many of them above.

This New Moon Eclipse is also the beginning of a 3-year pattern when we use the Lunar Gestation Phase Cycle. Journaling what is going on in your life at each New Moon can be important when we look back to actually see our progress.

Now after all of this I want to bring up the fact that Scorpio energy is also wonderful for researching and taking things to another level. For example if you are in school this Scorpio energy is fantastic for research and studying, so use it! I don’t know one Scorpio person that is not a very dedicated person when they are passionate about something. We all get a taste of this when we are in Scorpio season and there is an Eclipse.

In regard to our national situation we are going to see a lot more secrets coming to the surface, and some will shock us. 

Seems there has been a surprise at every turn for years now, the dark needs to come into the light.

I know that is not much about the United States because I am more interested in working with the people then focusing on national politics. I believe I am better suited to helping the individual then being publicly political. One of the things I can do for the nation is to VOTE, which I do. I hope you do too. I have also been a volunteer at the polling station on voting day. That 2020 election was a wild ride and I wanted to witness it personally. If you have never done volunteered like that, I would encourage it at least once in your life.

Until next time when we will cover the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse which is on Election Day November 8th. It will be one surprise after another.

I will have a video about this eclipse posted on You-Tube soon. Come and subscribe there. Links to that page are at the bottom of each page

Blessings of love and light Dorothy

PS: The solar eclipse of October 25, 2022 is a partial solar eclipse that will be visible from Europe, the Urals and Western Siberia, Central Asia, Western Asia, South Asia and from the north-east of Africa. The maximal phase of the partial eclipse will be recorded on West Siberian Plain in Russia near Nizhnevartovsk.

Check out this link below it will take you to a page that shows you where the eclipse is visible. This eclipse is visible in the Ukraine and Russia. All eyes are on this part of the world. Prayers.



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