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2023 ASTROLOGY The Year Ahead

The Major transits for 2023 a look ahead. What will 2023 be like?
From a positive and uplifting perspective Dorothy will go through all the major transits and eclipses for 2023. LET'S BE READY.


We have 4 Mercury retrogrades this year and they are all in the earth signs with a very small exception at the end of 2023. Two of these retrogrades are at 8 degrees of Capricorn, this is rare. I will tell us more about each one as they arrive.

NO RETROGRADE PERIOD is from January 18 thru April 21


overview = each element is activated this year by the 4 eclipses. This is not always the case. The eclipses typically fall into two opposite elements.

This truly is a global shift

April 20, 2023 NM Solar Eclipse 29 Aries 12:13 AM EDT – take action

May 5, 2023 FM Lunar Eclipse 14 Scorpio 1:34 pm EDT – dig deep

October 14, 2023 NM Solar Eclipse 21 Libra 1:55 pm EDT – find inner harmony

October 28, 2023 FM Lunar Eclipse 5 Taurus 4:24 pm EDT – adjust your values for current times and so much more.

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