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2024 ASTROLOGY The Year Ahead

The Major transits for 2024 a look ahead. What will 2024 be like?
From a positive and uplifting perspective Dorothy will go through all the major transits and eclipses for 2024. LET'S BE READY.


NO RETROGRADE PERIOD is from January 27 thru April 1, 2024


March 25, 2024 Lunar Eclipse in Libra - balancing out life

April 8, 2024 Solar Eclipse in Aries - visible in the USA focus on the self

September 17, 2024 Lunar Eclipse in Pisces - focus on others or Spiritual needs

October 2, 2024 Solar Eclipse in Libra - Fresh start in relationships


Mars will begin a retrograde phase late in the year. This only happens once every two years.

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