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Usable Astrology-Ace and Apply the Essentials




Self Study - Lifetime Access

About the Course

Usable Astrology: Ace and Apply the Essentials

A Foundations Astrology Course!

Cut through the noise and finally feel grounded in astrology

as a conversation you are a part of.

I have heard so often,

"There is SO much out there! Where to start? What to believe? How to sift it?"

This is where we change all of that.
Let me help you trust yourself with knowledge and a good foundation.

Astrology + Knowledge = Empowerment

Have you found yourself patching learning moments together from here and there? This can be confusing. There can be questions how to understand, apply all these elements.
The more you dive in, the more questions there are!
Terms, numbers, lines, symbols all over the place.

We often come to astrology to plan or
understand ourselves or others better,
and then can leave feeling more confused, sometimes even worse - worried! Buzz words like Mercury Retrograde and many other phrases have become so gloomy and mainstream, but is there an upside?
YES, of course. Like any conversation,
good listening and perspective is everything. Having this foundation knowledge empowers your understanding, and your application, whether you are listening to someone or reading a chart.
(Yes, this course will help you read charts! We start right away!)

What is an Astrology conversation?

Sometimes, we listen to other people talking about astrology like they are the Weather Reporters. They tell us what the conversation is we should be having, how to apply it to our lives. Instead of feeling like children overhearing the news or listening
in at the grown-up table,
wouldn't it be great to understand for yourself?

You can have a solid foundation and understand each part of the sentence
one easy step at a time.
Then, you will be in the know, ready to go deeper and feel more in partnership with the conversation that is happening around us all!

You will have context and understanding for the way all these parts are talking to each other, and then,
how they apply to the chart you are reading.
The insights you came to astrology for will stop talking AT you from someone else's perspective and
start talking WITH you because now you are part of the conversation.
Pretty neat, right?

Step by Step

In 4 videos, we'll break it down, and in the 5th video we'll put it together...

What if I told you that we could demystify astrology and let it be easy and useful? 

What if you had the confidence to look at or hear astrology from any source and like any conversation, feel confident in your knowledge on how or if it really applied to you?

What if I told you that you could have a solid springboard of astrology within a week of practicing these skills that would last you a lifetime?

Introducing - Usable Astrology : Ace and Apply the Essentials of Astrology -
a simplified self-guided training to help you be confident in the most important astrology conversations.

Yup. I finally put my decades of teaching this course into an online class! I'm so excited.
Thank you to everyone who kept asking for it. We all need a little push to try new things sometimes, right?

Whether you want to go on to learn more complex astrology skills, or want to simply be able to read charts for personal use, or if you already have some knowledge but need help putting it all together ...

this course is the place to start.



"Before I met Dorothy Morgan, I was skeptical about astrology, having struggled through online courses that left me feeling lost. But Dorothy's patient and intuitive teaching style changed everything. In just five one-on-one classes, I learned more than I had in two years of online programs. Her ability to break down complex concepts made understanding astrology accessible and enjoyable. Thanks to Dorothy, I now confidently read not only my chart but those of my loved ones, enriching my relationships and guiding my career transition into yoga instruction infused with astrological insights.
Thank you, Dorothy, for your expertise and guidance!"

Here’s what you get in the Course: 

  • 5 module classes as downloadable videos, breaking each foundation piece into simple steps you learn to apply right away: about 2.5+ hours (value = $400)
  • Printable worksheets assembled into a Guidebook that includes thoughtful prompts so you can practice, play and reflect on each video's themes (value = $47)
  • Email Access to me with any questions or support needs (value = $>200)
  • Request your simplified printable birth chart to begin reading with, emailed to you on request (value = $17)

Total value of Usable Astrology: Ace and Apply the Essentials = > $654
Today’s price = $197

Click here to buy now:


Because I believe it is so important to have community, to practice talking about astrology, and to explore your own perspective, I've included Live Meetings for us to gather. I love teaching, and connecting with you directly. Missing this personalized element is one reason that held me back from creating an online course. SO - for now, in this round of the course, it's our BONUS!

In my experience, Live meetings are typically small groups.
You will have very personalized, expert attention!

In our lives together we will:

  • Meet monthly - Live Zooms for an hour directly with me
  • Practice - we can explore topics, practice chart reads
  • Discussion - perspectives and interpretations
  • Questions - how to understand a concept or idea better

Total value of bonus = $200 per Live Meeting


Because this is my first video course, I really want my first explorers to get the most benefit I can offer,
so I have included 30 minutes of individual,
1:1 coaching time with me.
I cannot continue to offer this, so it's for a limited time.

In our 1:1 together we can:

  • Go deep into your questions from the course
  • Explore your next steps and interests (I'm not trying to sell you anything - this is for YOU)
  • Practice with guidance
  • This is exclusive mentoring. Use it like this!

Total value of bonus = $90

I'm Dorothy Morgan, Master Astrologer.

Hi. I'm Dorothy and I'm a Master Astrologer. What makes me a Master? For over 30 years I have been studying, applying, teaching, giving readings, lecturing, heading astrology associations, and more. I have been featured in many places, like TV, podcasts, articles, but mostly it is dedication and results that creates a master, and the recognition that wonder needs to be applied, kept alive, and humble.

This is not only my profession, it is my passion and my belief, my lifestyle. I am privileged to witness the transformations and empowerment people experience when they welcome astrology into their mind, body, spirit and lives! I am so grateful to share something so meaningful that helps so many to be grounded and connected to their life's path and it's many turns.


"Working with Dorothy Morgan has been a transformative experience. Her deep knowledge and authentic approach to astrology have exceeded my expectations. Unlike other online programs I've tried, Dorothy's mentorship program provided personalized support and a clear understanding of complex astrological principles. Thanks to her guidance, I now have the confidence to read and interpret natal charts, empowering me to embark on a new career path as a yoga instructor and astrologer. Dorothy, your teaching is a true gift!"

So HERE's Everything:

Here’s what Usable Astrology: Ace and Apply Essentials includes: 

  • 5 downloadable, in depth video lessons on Planets, Zodiac Signs, Houses, Angles, usable introductions to elements, modality, and polarity, and putting it all together so you can confidently begin applying it from video one - video 5 building your understanding and skills as you go. (value = $400)
  • Guidebook of specially prepared practice sheets for each video topic as well as a challenge, and reflective prompts to print, or add to your digital journal for continued use (value = $47)
  • Easy access to me for support, questions (value = $>200)
  • A printable copy of your simplified natal chart to begin reading without distracting components - on request by email after sign up (I'll need some information from you to generate it). You begin with charts right away in the first class! (value = $17)
  • Bonus Live Monthly Meetings - Monthly Live Zooms with me for questions, practice, discussions (value = $200/live (over $2000 for 10! what?)
  • Early Bird Bonus! 1:1, 30 minutes coaching to hone your understanding of astrology, ask questions, focus your path, (this is not a reading or an attempt to sell you something - this is about course content, learning to read charts, mentoring) (value = $90)

Total value of Usable Astrology: Ace and Apply Essentials = $$$!!!

Today’s price = $197

Crazy when we break it down into numbers?! (like so many things of value we do in life, right?)
It's a lifelong skill and I will support you well.
I simply want everyone to have access to this material so
we can be empowered together.
Everyone wonders about "their sign", Moon power, retrogrades.
I want to break the superstitions and restore it as the useful,
beautiful guide that it is.

Click here to buy now:

This is for you if

Usable Astrology: Ace and Apply the Essentials: 
  • You’re Astrology Curious!
  • You've been listening to OTHER people talk about astrology & are ready to learn more
  • You have been dabbling and are ready to understand once and for all
  • You would like to learn to read charts for yourself or other people
  • You're tired of piecing together many sources or have found it confusing and want practice applying what you learn

Click here to empower your self-awareness:

Join the Conversation


What Will We Do?

Embark on a transformative journey through the cosmos with this comprehensive astrology essentials course. In this independent study, I have provided all you need to
Ace and Apply:
  • the true essence of each zodiac sign
  • the foundational role of planets
  • the pivotal significance of angles and houses 
  • the fundamental concepts of elements, modality, and polarity
  • how to pull all of these together into useful insights

You will dive deep in video lessons and activities for each concept, weaving your growing understanding into the rich tapestry of astrology while gaining valuable insights into yourself and others.

This will also help you understand with more clearly when you encounter information out in the world, what is applicable and what is dismissible because it's just hype or talk. 

In our final class, learn to connect all these elements, crafting meaningful interpretations and insights into individual charts. I walk you through each step, clarifying and simplifying so that each concept is enjoyable, memorable, and easy to follow in their own videos and activity pdfs. 

Join in and deepen your understanding of the stars' influence on our lives, today, and always, through the course, the activities, and the bonus lives. They complement each other for your ideal learning to meet your astrology goals.

Why do I offer this great class?
I have a love for teaching because it engages each of us to widen our perspective of ourselves, others, and possibilities and it reminds us of the connections we have to each other through the universe!

The cycles and connections of all things is so exciting and empowering. How? When we become empowered to make choices and deepen our understanding, we can be more discerning of information coming at us, we can be kinder knowing we are all somehow part of one another while also on our own sacred paths.

We can step inside the mysteries and the order of the universe that is us together! 

As always, I will be accessible to you if you have any questions or needs during your course, and if you love it, there are more options to continue! 

See you there!
Thank you.
Dorothy Morgan
Master Astrologer


Your Astrology Instructor

Dorothy Morgan

With over 30 years experience teaching, presenting, leading, and providing readings, I am so happy to share my passion and knowledge in Astrology to empower and connect those I encounter. Thank you for trusting me to guide you on your journey.

Dorothy Morgan
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