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One Year Personalized 

1:1 Certificate Program.

Private Astrology Mentorship with

Dorothy Morgan, Master Astrologer

  • Do you need guidance pulling all your Astrology Knowledge together? Is it time for some deeper integration and understanding?  

  • Have you spent years reading Astrology books? Watching endless videos and listening to podcasts. How about all the video lessons you have taken without a live person there to answer your questions. Live conferences are fantastic and very helpful, but also have limitations. 

  • Doing all of these things is wonderful and we do learn a lot using all these tools. But now what are you going to do with all this knowledge? Are you trying to put everything together? Do you want to build a practice? 

  • Do you feel confident enough to give a reading to your friends and family? What about a paying client? Are you ready to get over that hurdle? 

I still remember delivering my first few readings and afterward I felt so insecure. My confidence was not great. However my passion for Astrology was strong so I practiced more, worked with other Astrologers who had more experience than I did, and I got over the feeling of not being good enough. I can help with that. 

Working with Your Interest and Focus

You see we are never going to know everything about Astrology. It is such a vast wealth of information we need lifetimes to know it all. But we can become very proficient at the type of Astrology that you are drawn too. I will help you find your niche. 

This is what I love to do and it is a specialty of mine after more than 25 years as a full time practicing Astrologer. Helping you pull all your knowledge together into a supportive practice.  Working with you to find the gaps in your education, working with client charts. Supporting you to find your own style of Astrology and help you to feel confident and build a business if that is what you want. 

Each person will have an individual plan based on their current education, level of astrology knowledge, interests and ultimate goals. We will determine where we begin and our course path at our initial interview. 

E-mail me with your interest in a certificate level mentorship and we'll set a time for our initial interview. I'm very excited to meet you and begin this beautiful and life opening process together. 

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Let's Get Started

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*Each class will be recorded and you will be able to download it for your personal use. 

*Before committing to a program be sure you have time most every day to do something with Astrology. It is practice that helps us the most. You are learning a new language. 

Some Ideas of Focus Areas

In no particular order: 

  • The Lunar Cycle in the Natal Chart ~ Our Soul Path

  • The North and South Nodes revealing our Life Path. 

  • Digging deep into the planets.

  • We will discuss Saturn as it pertains to the way we think about our life ambition, career path.

  • Uranus and his relationship to freedom, change and variety.

  • Love: What does the person need in relationships?

  • Mercury and Jupiter as it relates to our capacity to learn.

  • Contribution to the world Uranus and Neptune, where we feel the need to serve others.

  • Advanced subjects: “Predictive Astrology” ~ Using the progressed chart ~ The Solar Return Chart ~ Solar Arc Chart ~ Progressed Lunar Phase ~ Transit Charts/Daily Astrology Vibe.

  • If you want insight and guidance on starting a You-Tube Channel or other Business decisions we can cover that too. 

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