Sometimes I collaborate with others. Sometimes I have new classes I'm creating, and other times, I'm up to something entirely different. I've been doing this for decades. Of course I'm always up to something! Here is a place I can let you know!

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2nd & 4th Weds.

Find me sharing live - online - readings scheduled through Circles of Wisdom. 

12:00 - 5:00 EST

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Lecture for Purchase

Darlene Chadbourne, Numerologist, and I feel honored to have been able to present this valuable content as a collaboration and lecture in an accessible video that you can purchase and watch on your own. This content is helpful for us to navigate the year to come with insight, wisdom and grace.

The cost is $55 and I will email you a private link for the video. upon payment. Watch the promo video linked here.

Use the buy now button to purchase. 

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Mercury Retrograde

A fun project I do three times a year. When we have Mercury Retrograde my colleague Sue Coffin and I have a conversation about how to utilize the energies of that retrograde. Each one of these has a different flare to it.

I talk about the Astrology she talks about the Numerology.

2022 Mercury Retrogrades are

January 14 - February 3rd.

May 10 thru June 3

September 9  thru October 2nd.

What does each retrograde mean?

We each put it on our YouTube channels. Mercury Retrograde is not the doom and gloom excuse for trouble everyone makes it out to be, sometimes it's even an opportunity.


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On Air Sign Dorothy Morgan Podcast interviews
Podcast Interview

Podcast Interview

Every few months I am guest on The Intuitive Life Blog on Unity Online Radio with Laura Wooster. Next live broadcast will be Monday February 28at 3:00 PM EST – Noon PST

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Listen Live: Unity Radio. You can find the archived shows in the link on the show page. Here is the most recent December 13, 2021. We discussed "When Eclipses Change Signs." Enjoy!

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More to Come

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BTW- Did you know there are more atoms in our body than stars in the universe?

I subscribe to Dorothy Morgan's Astrology newsletter and love it as well as her videos! She is so engaging and humorous. In June 2021, Dorothy was a speaker for the American Society of Dowsers annual national convention and did a fabulous job. I am looking forward to taking her next Astrology class. ~ SP