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F A Q 

These are a few of the most common questions people ask me about astrology, how it works, when to use it, how to learn it, and more. I hope it is helpful. Please contact me directly by email if you have any questions. I'm happy to answer as best I can. 

  • Do I need to know what time I was born?
    It is a very important piece when casting the birth chart as it sets up the Ascendent (Rising sign) as well as placement of all the planets. A general reading can still be done with no birth time however it will lack many details that you can get from knowing your birth time. Birth times can be found on most birth certificates or at city hall in your place of birth. Asking a relative can give you a time or even an approximate time, which is helpful within a couple of hours and will help if nothing else is available. Contact me with any questions. I'm happy to answer.
  • Does Astrology predict the future?
    It does seem like astrology can predict the future, however what we are doing is reading cycles and patterns and when cycles and patterns repeat themselves, we have a good idea what to expect. So in some ways yes we can tell what is coming, in some ways no. It is patterns, cycles, archetypes, and nature, and we are all of these things also. We are our astrology, and our astrology is us. It is part of our story, but we also write it with our actions. Let's talk about it.
  • Is it ok to do a reading about someone else?
    We can look at your compatibility needs, responsibility, and ideas for partnerships, relationships, care without looking at someone else's information directly. It is not ok to do a reading on someone who has not given their permission. This is an invasion of privacy, personal space and is unethical. Schedule a time if you want to look at your role in a dynamic.
  • Is Mercury Retrograde bad?
    No mercury retrograde is not bad. All the planets in the sky will have an apparent movement of retrograde motion at some point in the year. Retrograde motion represents a period of inter-reflection, slowing down and integration. We don't have to believe the scary or worrisome language about it. Slowing down our communications can be a good thing too. My Patreon Group is a great community for understanding and discussions about these kinds of things and more.
  • What is a Rising Sign?
    The rising sign is the Zodiac sign that was on the Eastern horizon the moment you were born. That is determined by the day, exact time of birth and location of birth. Consider a class to learn more, basic, intermediate, advanced, and community. Contact me for more info.
  • How many types of Astrology are there?
    When it comes to the types of astrology used today, there are three major forms: Western (Tropical), Vedic, and Chinese. However there are over 80 lesser know styles of Astrology. I use Western Astrology with the Tropical Zodiac. To learn more, contact me for classes and mentorship.
  • How long does it take to be an Astrologer?
    The answer to this question will be relative to your end goal and how much time you put into your studies. Generally speaking it could take a person two years to learn a fair amount of information and a few more years of practice before you feel ready to read other people’s charts. So I would say it should take four to six years to become proficient in astrology. Contact me for information on classes, mentorship, and patreon community acces.
  • How do you learn to be an Astrologer?
    ind a good beginner book, this is one of my favorites. connect with a teacher of astrology. Studying every day is the best and fastest way to learn this new language.
  • What's the difference between Moon and Sun and Rising Signs?
    The Sun represents the essence of who you know yourself to be, your purpose, your motivation, your identity. SUN = The Yearly cycle of seasons. The Moon represents the innermost core of your being, your private feelings, subconscious, intuition, past lives, early childhood influences. How you need to be nurtured and how you nurture others. MOON = The Monthly cycle of Moon’s phases The Ascendant also known as the Rising sign represents the outer layer of your being, the mask you wear, the persona you show the world. Rising Sign = The Daily cycle of the Earth’s rotation Contact me for more information, readings, and classes.
  • What is a Saturn Return?
    The Saturn return is when this planet comes back around to the same placement it was when you were born. It typically takes 28 ½ to 30 years and is a time in most people’s lives when they reach an adult level of understanding and maturity. Saturn guides us in taking life a little more seriously. Let's talk about what this means for you.
  • What is Tropical Zodiac?
    Tropical Zodiac is created relative to the Sun and its position. Sidereal Zodiac is based off the constellations. We discuss these things and more in our community. Contact me to find out more about Patreon and classes.
  • What are Stelliums in Astrology?
    A stellium consists of 3 or more planets within 10 zodiacal degrees of each other. Let's talk about these things in our community and in courses or our private community. Connect with me and let me know what you're interested in.
  • Can Astrology tell me if someone is my soulmate?
    Yes it does. But the real question is “What is a Soul Mate”?
  • What is a soulmate in Astrology?
    A soulmate can be anyone you come in contact with during your life that has made an important impact on you or has taught you an important lesson. It can be like Hollywood portrays it, but that is rare. Who gets to decide what a soul mate is for you? Let's schedule a time and understand who you are and what your needs are in a meaningful relationship.
  • Can Astrology tell me if it's a bad relationship?
    Yes and No. When we compare charts in Astrology it's called Synastry. Every relationship can look like there are good and bad connections. Can we see things that will take extra work to get through YES. However it is up to you and your partner to work through these things or not. Free-will and actions matter. Readings, coaching, counseling of any sort provide guidance and information. What will you choose and do? What makes sense to you?
  • Can Astrology help improve a relationship?
    Yes it can, if you are both willing to work on your issues together. Astrology can bring forward strengths and challenges, guiding ways to understanding each other in many ways. What you then do with each other and that information is your free-will and commitment to each other, your selves and the relationship. Contact me if you feel I can guide you.
  • Does Astrology know what I will be good at?
    In a way yes. Astrology can see what your skills and talents are, what you will be good at and where you may be trying to please others or fit in a box. However it can not pick your exact career just the skills you have to execute your career. Let's consult.
  • Can Astrology help make career decisions?
    Yes it can. By looking at the movement of the planets in the sky compared to your chart we can see if and when movement will happen in a career. It may be time to wait, to leave, or advance your education for further career growth, take a risk, create or release a partnership. Let's talk about it. I also make decisions in my own business by my chart. I live it, it works.
  • Can Astrology tell me about my health?
    Yes it can and there are specialist in the field of Medical Astrology. Each body part has a specific planet or sign associated with it and through that system we can see where there may be issues or good health. 2nd, 6th, 8th, and 12th house play a major role in indicating health issues. It is not a substitute for medical care. Please be responsible with your health. You have one physical body, whatever condition it may be in, whatever it needs from you, Love it well.
  • Does Astrology talk about mental health?
    Yes it does, mental health and illness. It can guide and help us understand the challenges and strengths. It is not a substitute for traditional care. Please asses and be holistically responsible for yourself and your loved ones and receive all the supports available.
  • Can Astrology predict death?
    It can not. There are many indicators that can show sudden changes or long-term illness, however death is like any other transit to the natal chart. For the most part it simply looks like another transit. Be wary of interpretations that predict death or practitioners that are willing to do this for you. Take good care. ~ In kindness, Dorothy
  • Is Astrology a religion?
    Astrology is not a religion however many millennials, to younger Gen Xers, now cresting 40, and down to Gen Z are using Astrology and other metaphysical practices for Spiritual comfort and direction. More importantly, what does astrology represent to you, your rituals, practices and needs? What is religiong and spirituality in your life?
  • How can Astrology guide my spiritual growth?
    GOOD QUESTION! There are houses that are about spirituality, but that is not astrology and spiritual growth. What does astrology represent to you in your practices? Why are you drawn to it? What do you know about it or wonder about it in other cultures or your family culture? See where I'm going with this? I will explore this very personal question with you if you like. Classes and communities about astrology, independent reading about history, cultures, mythology, and more can be fascinating Contact me if I can support you.


Let's Book a Time together and have a session. We'll answer your questions about Your life's needs.

"All we have to do is decide what to do with the time that is given us."

J.R. R. Tolkien

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