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Class 3 The Angles and Houses

Class 3 Angles and Houses! We're getting into the keys to our more personal stuff!

Discover the pivotal role of the four angles in the birth chart, unraveling their profound significance and impact on personal astrology.

Explore how these angles shape individual destinies and provide key insights into life's journey.

Additionally we will go through the houses of the birth chart, unraveling their significance and influence on personal astrology.

Gain a deeper understanding of how each house shapes different areas of life, providing valuable insights into one's unique path and experiences.

Practice, Apply, PLAY!

Is it coming together? Is it clicking, becoming more fun?
Remember, I am here to support you. Email me your questions, show up to the live meet ups! Have you scheduled your bonus 1:1 with me?

See you in Class 4 - I LOVE the topics in Class 4! See you there!!
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