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An observation about Mars stationing at 8 Gemini

I want to share an observation about Mars stationing at 8 degrees of Gemini. It has come to my awareness through friends, colleagues, clients and family members that if you are born on May 30 (don’t worry about the year or time or place), if you were born on May 30 your Sun is most likely at 8 degrees of Gemini.

The people I have mentioned are all having major headache issues or pain that stems from the neck into the head or from the base of the skull. I am sure we all know being in pain puts a lot of stress on everyday activities and thus can stir up emotional issues too.

Of course some people are just not feeling well, I know, that happens. But the Astrology is what I am focusing on here and I know 3 people personally that are born on that day and they have all been having the same symptoms for many days now. The stress of a planet like Mars in Gemini and retrograde making an exact conjunction to your Sun will present in this way for many people.

In addition to this if you have any planets at 8 degrees of Gemini I expect you are feeling something similar as well but through the energy of the planet YOU have at 8 degrees of Gemini.

*There is a light at the end of the tunnel if your symptoms are related to Mars. 

In just a couple days on January 12th Mars will station and then slowly start to move forward once again. It will take a few days but by the time we reach January 24th when Mars finally moves to the next degree in Gemini the pressure of Mars will start to let up.

So if you resonate with this or someone you know does, give yourself/them some room to breath and be gentle on yourselves, it’s ok to take some time to rest – nap – relax when we are under such strong transits.

I have included a picture of pressure points to help alleviate headaches. They both work for me very well when needed.

The New Moon in Aquarius forecast will be up soon.

Blessings, Dorothy


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