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Full Moon 27 Degrees of Cancer ~ January 17, 2022

We are going to want to carefully monitor our feelings as we get closer to the Cancer Full Moon.

Now of course in life there are many reasons to feel the height of emotions. Just watching what is

happening around us is more than enough these days, let alone experiencing our own families and friends ups and downs. There have been so many losses on many different levels over the last 2 years it is hard to put these feelings into simple words but I will do my best.

When the Moon is Full in her own sign of Cancer we are looking to be comforted or to comfort others. A simple way this might show up is we find ourselves opting to stay home and nesting instead of being out and about and social. 

This Full Moon is tightly connected to the transiting Lunar Nodes, they represent humanity’s collective purpose. The signs the Nodes are in Taurus and Scorpio has us focusing on our changing values, what is important to us now as well as how we are transforming and changing over time. The Lunar Nodes will be in Taurus and Scorpio for the coming 18 months so this will be the collective focus, growing and hopefully evolving. January’s Cancer Full Moon is activating these positions for all of us.

This Full Moon is also closely connected to Pluto who is the ruler of Scorpio, the sign the South Node is in currently in. Let me tell you what it means with Pluto involved.

So we have the Sun conjunct Pluto with the Full Moon opposite to it. Pluto is where are growing and evolving, transforming and releasing. As a nation here in the United States we have had some dark days because we are in the mists of the Pluto return. 

The transiting South Node represents the collective path to leave behind, the shadow elements of Scorpio. For example unskillful ways to use Scorpio being power hungry, disruptive, violent, extremism, jealous, cruel, vindictive suspicious distrustful deceptive. We need to move beyond a lot of these things as a nation and personally. It will take a few years before we can truly see what the Pluto return means for the United States and if you are having personal transit by Pluto then the same goes for you too.

On a personal note, bringing this back to you the individual. Since this Full Moon is in an opposition to Pluto and the Sun conjunct Pluto. I am certain we can make some much needed and positive changes in our lives as long as we get in alignment with our emotions, even the unconscious emotions or the Shadow Self. 

The Full Moon also creates a pattern with the other planets and Nodes, it is called a Mystic Rectangle. (I will post a picture of it) Two sextile, two trines and two oppositions. All the planets in this pattern are of the same polarity, these are Yin – Feminine – Earth and Water signs. This creates a strong bond between the planets/placements. It says we need to find balance in our emotional lives so the transformation and changes can happen. It takes awareness and conscious effort to get to integration. I have faith we can do this.

And now we should look at how to use this Full Moon. This is a moment of full awareness, what is working in your emotional life and what is not. Now is a wonderful time when we can lovingly and openly release old emotional patterns, the ones that were set in a long time ago, childhood or even past lives. These are the qualities of the South Node, Scorpio and Pluto. This Full Moon can be one of the more emotionally raw and for some healing Full Moons of the year.

Lunar Gestation Phase Cycle ~ The Deeper Work We Do

To get an even deeper look at this Full Moon we need to go back in time. I am heading into the Lunar Gestation Phase Cycle now. On July 20, 2020 we had a New Moon at 28 degrees of Cancer. How were you feeling then? What were you beginning then? Look carefully, this New Moon is with a few degrees of the Full Moon we will experience on January 17, 2022. What were you experiencing 18 months ago? That is coming to a head now.

Nine months later on April 20, 2021 we had the 1st quarter Moon also within a few degrees of the Cancer Full Moon we will experience on January 17, 2022. Look back to then and this 1st quarter Moon and see what you were building or growing from the New Moon July 20, 2020.

There should be some common themes showing up now from those other two lunations. Family concerns, emotional healing, caring, nurturing, the safety of your family. I am just giving you some ideas it is up to you to figure out what was happening in your world then and now.

So let’s finish this up. How do you want to use this Full Moon in Cancer? Full Moon rituals typically involve spending some time becoming aware of your dominant feelings and emotions. And then in whatever way is most comfortable for you it's time to release, sever, cut ties, bury or burn the things that you want to leave your life. I like to try and do this in the most compassionate way I can. Again whatever that looks like to you.

I like to remember even though I am releasing something that is no longer useful to me it doesn’t mean it wasn’t useful and just what I asked for when it came into my life. This is why I like to be as easy and compassionate as I can when it is time to release. I prefer not to do banishing spells. Just my preference.

If you would like deeper insight into this work, please consider joining my membership platform on Patreon were we do go deeper every week. That is Tier 3. You can also book a private session any time you feel the need.

Many blessings, namaste’ Dorothy


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