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Full Moon in Gemini

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Communicate Your Truth - Tell Your Story

Saturday December 18th at 11:36 PM eastern 8:36 PM Pacific - 2021

The Full Moon is in Gemini at the 27th degree on Saturday December 18th at 11:36 PM eastern 8:36 PM Pacific. Key phrases for this Full Moon is to communicate your truth and/or tell your story. Journal for yourself or write out what you need somebody to know. Especially If you are not comfortable talking to them directly.

Use this Full Moon of communication as well as the conjunction of Venus and Pluto to get things out in the open so we can begin the healing and allow a deeper transformation to happen.

The New Moon Lunar Eclipse of June 21, 2020 is directly connected to this Full Moon so take a look back as to what you were beginning or at least how you were feeling then. Doing this will give you some insight into what you are focused on now if you don’t already know.

Video about it is here:


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