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Full Moon in Gemini December 7, 2022

Time To Go Quiet – Listen – Observe – Formulate Thoughts

With so many planets in signs that are mutable by nature the strongest theme we can pull from this Full Moon is one of being open to change, allowing people and situations to be fluid and flexible, to be agreeable and charming. Easy going and nice, allowing your own truth to come forth and that of others to be true as well. I am not saying we are to be a door mat but let’s try and see some things from a more neutral zone.

This Full Moon is also sitting right where Mars in Gemini is currently located while it is retrograde. Mars has been retrograde since the end of October so this is nothing new. The energizing part is the Full Moon we experience on December 7. Full Moons bring us to place of awareness and enlightenment around specific situations in our lives.

At first I was thinking……. I see this Full Moon conjunct to Mars retrograde in Gemini as the universe screaming at us to be quiet and listen but then upon further contemplation it felt more like this.

You know when you're trying to have a conversation with somebody or even in a group? But nobody hears you and everybody just continues to talk louder and louder and louder, you know what I mean? When this type of situation occurs in my life, I just go quiet, and I sit there and I listen to everybody else talking over each other and not listening to each other. I go quite so I can observe and then formulate my own thoughts so when I do finally get a chance to speak up or say something it has meaning to me it's not just lost in a bunch of hot air in the room full of people not listening. Sometimes I don’t say anything at all and just let the moment slip away.

These are things we all can experience with Mars retrograde in Gemini conjunct with Decembers’ 7th Full Moon.

The same goes for social media, there is so much sensationalizing about every little event in my world of astrology very often quality content gets lost in the noise.

What is quality? Well one piece of it is useful practical information that you, the reader, can use in your everyday life. That has been my intent since I started writing forecasts like this in 2008.

For Just a moment imagine what it would be like if everyone stopped talking and all the news channels and social media just stopped for a little while. What a relief, but also a panic for so many people distracted by so many things.

Take a moment and think about what it would be like if there was nothing to listen to, no distractions, only our own hearts and minds.

This Full Moon conjunct Mars in Gemini retrograde wants us to do this. This is a reminder to slow down the pushing of information and allow others – Sprite – the Universe to gently show the way. We become more aware when we slow down and allow information to flow to us.

We need to find that balance between spending all our time gathering information and quietly processing and listening to our inner voices. 

This Full Moon also connects with Neptune in Pisces. This planet is in its own rulership these days and is strong in its own right. The natural way to use this Astrological configuration with the Full Moon would be to flow, allow dreams to come forward, write down what you hear and make a few plans. Just because the theme is to be quiet long enough to hear yourself think does not mean we cannot plan or take action.

Full Moons are all about awareness, realization of things working and not working in our lives and opportunities to create space for what is already growing and thriving in your life while releasing what is done. 

This months’ Full Moon has a lot of dynamics and feels powerful because of a few other astronomical measurements. Leaving the science details of that aside, you can use the last Full Moon of 2022 to advance your own agenda around what you want by using your words, thoughts and ideas.

I would like you to get out your journals or calendar and look back to June 10, 2021 on that day we had a New Moon Solar Eclipse near where we have this December 7th Full Moon.

June 10, 2021 was the beginning of a lunar gestation cycle. Every New Moon begins a 3 year pattern that comes in nine month increments X 4. Go back to June 2021 and see what it was that you may have begun back then or what was your train of thought, did you have a new idea that popped into your head I hope you wrote it down. Things like this. We don’t always have to be setting huge New Moon goals every month. Sometimes things happen in our environment that are just as important to pay attention too and build from. Plus New Moon phases don't always reveal to us at the time what it is we need to know even if we are setting goals. But observe and make some notes from June 2021.

Next we move forward nine months to the First Quarter Moon which is at the same location as the June 2021 New Moon and current Full Moon this is between 16 and 19 Gemini.

That First Quarter Moon was March 10, 2022. First Quarter Moon is when we are seeing what was begun in June of 2021 and how it is growing and thriving or not. Pay attention and focus on what is working and put aside what is not working for now.

When the Moon is in Gemini we have a lot of information coming at us, communication, talking, moving around, decisions to make. We could be scattered and spaced out and not sure how to make correct decisions as well as being focused and determined to get something accomplished.

I just got this image as I was contemplating how to tie this forecast up. The Full Moon in Gemini December 7, 2022 11:08 PM EST with all its’ companions this month is kind of like dumping a whole years’ worth of paperwork on your table. Everything you are looking for is right in front of you, however before you can get anywhere you must sift and sort. Make the piles to get a clearer picture of what moving forward means to you. What you should keep and what is no longer valid?

Take good care as you finish out this calendar year. Once again it has been a roller-coaster ride. For me not as steep as other years but just as dynamic.

I also enter December still recovering from THE virus, it final got me after 2+ years, if you hadn’t heard, which is why I have been so quiet lately and I am not even sure if I will have it in me to do the video of this. No energy to work at all. I am just starting to re-schedule you guys who had an appointment the last 10 days of November. Please know you are on my list if I canceled you last week. Hoping to complete everyone I had to postpone before the end of the year.

I’ll be back in a few weeks with the New Moon in Capricorn forecast.

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With Love and Gratitude, Dorothy


Dec 02, 2022

My Birthday was on June 9th. Take your time to recover. Happy Holidays.


Thanks so much Dorothy! Hang on! you will heal! 🙏🙏🙏

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