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Full Moon in Gemini December 7, 2022

Time To Go Quiet – Listen – Observe – Formulate Thoughts

With so many planets in signs that are mutable by nature the strongest theme we can pull from this Full Moon is one of being open to change, allowing people and situations to be fluid and flexible, to be agreeable and charming. Easy going and nice, allowing your own truth to come forth and that of others to be true as well. I am not saying we are to be a door mat but let’s try and see some things from a more neutral zone.

This Full Moon is also sitting right where Mars in Gemini is currently located while it is retrograde. Mars has been retrograde since the end of October so this is nothing new. The energizing part is the Full Moon we experience on December 7. Full Moons bring us to place of awareness and enlightenment around specific situations in our lives.

At first I was thinking……. I see this Full Moon conjunct to Mars retrograde in Gemini as the universe screaming at us to be quiet and listen but then upon further contemplation it felt more like this.

You know when you're trying to have a conversation with somebody or even in a group? But nobody hears you and everybody just continues to talk louder and louder and louder, you know what I mean? When this type of situation occurs in my life, I just go quiet, and I sit there and I listen to everybody else talking over each other and not listening to each other. I go quite so I can observe and then formulate my own thoughts so when I do finally get a chance to speak up or say something it has meaning to me it's not just lost in a bunch of hot air in the room full of people not listening. Sometimes I don’t say anything at all and just let the moment slip away.

These are things we all can experience with Mars retrograde in Gemini conjunct with Decembers’ 7th Full Moon.

The same goes for social media, there is so much sensationalizing about every little event in my world of astrology very often quality content gets lost in the noise.

What is quality? Well one piece of it is useful practical information that you, the reader, can use in your everyday life. That has been my intent since I started writing forecasts like this in 2008.

For Just a moment imagine what it would be like if everyone stopped talking and all the news channels and social media just stopped for a little while. What a relief, but also a panic for so many people distracted by so many things.