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Full Moon in Gemini on November 27, 2023

Communicate Your Truth - Tell Your Story – Be open to receiving Knowledge!

Full Moon in Gemini November 27

Full Moon in Gemini Sun Set

The Full Moon is in Gemini on November 27. Known for its fun-loving, sociable nature, Gemini is thrilled to engage in conversations with anyone who might be within earshot.

As a Gemini, I can attest that we love it when there are a lot of people to talk to and anyone who will listen. Gemini knows many things as they are the information gatherers of the Zodiac. And when 2 Gemini’s get together it is like a game of tennis, so many ideas going back and forth.

With the Sun in Sagittarius as well, this adds to the dynamic of the day. Sagittarius is also very curious and willing to explore, to learn, and share the truth. It is also a curiosity driven sign.  

If you have personal planets or other positions in early Gemini or the other mutable signs, Sagittarius, Virgo, or Pisces, then this Full Moon will have a personal effect for you. Be open to see new ideas, to sharing what you know with others, gathering knowledge and simply good ole conversations.

This Full Moon phase embodies collective emotions and heightened awareness. But we may also feel overloaded with too much information.

Be aware with this Full Moon that we need to both listen attentively and express our thoughts and feelings openly. Maintaining balance requires acknowledging the significance of both active communication and receptive listening.

As we tune into current events through our preferred news sources, we engage in the process of filtering and discerning, figuring out what is important to you. In this age of abundant information, the upcoming Full Moon on the 27th may intensify this sense of inundation.

What also adds to the overload of information will be Mercury and the connection it makes to Neptune today. I am talking about Mercury because that is the planet the governs Gemini. 

Mercury square Neptune = confusion, misunderstandings, feeling hopeless. Unsure of the information we're receiving, having a hard time deciphering what's truth and what's not.

If you want to get a little insight into what the Full Moon might mean for you, now is the time that we'll go back to the New Moon that started this lunar gestation cycle that this Full Moon is a part of; it was 18 months ago.

The New Moon in Gemini relating to today's Full Moon was on May 30, 2022. At this point we set goals, and initiated things in regard to information and good communication. I recommend that you read your journals from that week of May 30, 2022 to see what you can learn about yourself or your current life situation that began back then. Exploring those entries may provide insights into your personal growth or shed light on how your current life situation originated during that period.

Nine months later on the first quarter Moon in Gemini February 27, 2023 we would have been working hard to make something happen that is also related to the New Moon on May 30, 2022. Read your journal for that time period as well to see what you were working on in regard to those key words, communication, information.

As we approach the Full Moon in Gemini, navigating through the influx of information demands additional insight and concentration. This lunar phase serves as an opportune moment to decipher the relevance of the information flooding our lives.

Full Moons possess a revealing quality, often illuminating aspects that were previously obscured. It's a time when very little remains concealed. Keeping this in mind, practicing mindfulness is very helpful.

Taking the necessary time to sift through this abundance of information, especially with the aid of specific dates, can significantly assist us all in gaining clarity and understanding.

Given our individual paths and diverse priorities, kick start the Full Moon energy in your life by pondering these questions:

What's occupying your thoughts at the moment?

What information are you trying to piece together?

Are you diving into podcasts for more insight?

Or maybe you're opting for a TV binge to escape the deluge of information.

Whatever it is for you, just remember: "You've Got This."

If the effort feels draining, consider pausing and simply observe. Take a moment to jot down a few notes about the Full Moon as you witness it. Don't miss out on the potential insights this time offers, even amidst the overwhelming feelings that often accompany modern life.

May the clarity we've found and the insights we've welcomed light our way through the maze of information. Let's use them to make smart choices and nurture our personal growth.

The video forecast will be published in a few days over on You-Tube


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