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Full Moon in Leo January 25, 2024 Insights

Unleashing Passion and Confidence: Full Moon in Leo Insights

Full Moon Leo January 25, 2024 Aurora borealis Astrology Forecast Dorothy Morgan

On January 25, 2024, the Full Moon graces the astrological sky at 5° of Leo, coinciding with Mars in Capricorn squaring Chiron in Aries. As well as Jupiter positioning itself midway between the Sun and the Moon. Join me as we delve into the implications of these cosmic interactions and explore how we can harness their energies for personal growth and understanding.

Key Points of the Leo Full Moon Insights:

Passionate Leo Energy: A Full Moon in Leo is known for its intense and passionate energy, igniting a desire to take charge and assert oneself. Move into alignment with the things we are passionate about.

Self-Confidence and Awareness: The lunar phase is an opportune moment to recognize the necessary steps you need to take to achieve creative goals and address personal insecurities that may have surfaced around self-confidence. We are encouraged to assess our feelings of insecurity and take note of situations that demand attention.

Have recent interactions with someone stirred feelings of insecurity within you? Recognizing and acknowledging this awareness can be a valuable catalyst for personal growth and development. With this Full Moon as well as the Mars Chiron connection.

Reflection on Past Goals: THE LUNAR GESTATION CYCLE

Looking back on the New Moon in Leo from July 28, 2022, marks the beginning of this Leo Lunar Gestation phase. During this phase, initiated by the New Moon in July 2022, individuals set goals and intentions aligned with the qualities of Leo. Similar to planting a seed, the outcomes of these initiatives unfold over time. The heightened awareness gained during this phase will continue to evolve over nine months, leading up to the First Quarter Moon at a similar degree. It's crucial to sow ideas and embark on ventures inspired and aligned with the essence of Leo.

Continuing the Lunar Gestation: Nine months after the New Moon in Leo, we encounter the First Quarter Moon, also in Leo, on April 27, 2023. This phase signifies a turning point with the square aspect between the Sun and the Moon. While marked by heightened activity and courage, challenges emerge, setting the stage for a significant leap forward at the subsequent lunar phase—the Full Moon, nine months later.

Currently: Now we are back to the current Full Moon, occurring 9 months after the last lunar phase and 18 months since the New Moon, serves as a reflection of our cumulative learning and experiences. This phase directs attention to social matters, personal relationships, partnerships, and our connection to the public. Regardless of current partnership status, someone or something will surface, bringing awareness to the subject initiated 18 months ago. This phase signifies complete awareness, with little left undisclosed.

As the Full Moon unveils the culmination of our efforts from the New Moon in July 2022, providing clarity on our achievements and challenges, the subsequent phase emphasizes empowerment and independence.

The current Leo Full Moon signifies a personal journey towards empowerment

The current Leo Full Moon signifies a personal journey towards empowerment, potentially leading individuals to step away from group dynamics and pursue their passions independently. This shift, highlighted by the combination of the Leo Full Moon and the Sun in Aquarius, underscores the delicate balance between individual passions and group associations.

Conscious Empowerment: Being consciously aware of one's power to create positive outcomes is crucial. The emphasis is on making choices that align with personal passions and enhance the quality of life.

Overcoming Self-Limiting Beliefs: The Full Moon brings an opportunity to address and overcome self-limiting opinions. Taking steps toward a more creative and fulfilling life based on individual passions is encouraged.

Taking Risks and Following the Heart: The alignment of the Full Moon in Leo with each individual's Leo section of your Natal chart provides an opportunity to follow the heart and take risks in pursuing passions.

There is more: Mars square Chiron

We also have Mars square Chiron during this Full Moon and that can usher in a creative process of healing old wounds.

Key Theme: The square between Mars and Chiron may bring attention to areas of vulnerability and wounds, encouraging a proactive approach to healing.

How to Use It: Use this energy to address any deep-seated issues or emotional wounds. Take assertive action towards self-healing and confront challenges with courage. This aspect supports a transformative journey towards personal growth and resilience.

Jupiter square the Sun and Full Moon

Key Theme: We have Jupiter square to the Sun and Moon. This is also called a mid-point aspect. It can be quit activating when it comes to your approach of using this Full Moon. Jupiter amplifies the need for expansion and growth but may also introduce challenges in achieving balance.

How to Use It: Jupiter's expansive energy to broaden your horizons and seek new opportunities is fun but can also go overboard. Be mindful of potential excesses or overconfidence. Aim for a balanced approach in pursuing your goals, combining enthusiasm with practicality.

Conclusion: As the Leo Full Moon graces the night sky, it serves as a powerful call to action. It beckons individuals not only to embrace self-confidence and reflect on personal goals but also to embark on a transformative journey toward empowerment and independence. This celestial event, with its radiant energy, encourages everyone to consciously make choices that align with their passions, fostering a creative and fulfilling life. In doing so, each individual can foster a life that is not only creative but also deeply fulfilling.

Much love, Dorothy




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