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As I sit here evaluating the chart for the Full Moon in Virgo the first thing I see besides the Full Moon (Sun opposite Moon) is the Moon in a productive aspect with the Lord of transformation PLUTO. This Full Moon is showing us where the details matter the most in your personal life as well as the instructions on how to make those life changing choices. What a powerful opportunity we have. So let’s do as the Virgo Full Moon requests and pull it apart to get to the details.

Once a year when the Full Moon is in Virgo we have a fantastic opportunity to hone in on the details in a number of categories. Here are 10 of many things we can focus on with the Full Moon in Virgo.

1. Daily Health and Wellness - Cleanliness

2. The Food We Eat - Diet

3. Daily routine

4. Work Environment and Co-Workers

5. Practicality

6. Discipline

7. Efficiency

8. Obsessive and Compulsive behaviors

9. Being A Workaholic

10. Analyzing data and so much more

Are you aware of how your body and your emotions interact with each other? Now is a good time to become aware of this and get into alignment with that. 

Whenever most people are stressed or emotional about something they have stomach issues. Some people may translate this into eating issues.

Take some time during this Lunar phase and check in with yourself. See if you need to release a bad eating habit or find a way to release an emotional trigger that gets your stomach in knots.

During this Full Moon in Virgo you may want to evaluate the kinds of food you eat. Maybe you have developed a sensitivity that you are too busy to notice. Maybe you need to change the time of day you are eating. 

Eating and food prep is part of our daily living so Virgo is in charge of them. We may need to slim down after the Winter by looking at what we were eating when we are not paying attention.

Moving on to our working lives, and if you have them, co-workers and the routine you have with them. This Full Moon could reveal a few things. Is it a fair and equal working environment? Are things running efficiently? Are you a workaholic? The Full Moon will show you what needs changing and releasing. You just need to take the time and Analyze the situation before you act.

If there is another situation in your life that needs a sharp focus, a hard look at the details, now is the perfect time to do this.

My example: I am packing up my belongings again to prep for a move. Even though I just did this one year ago I am going through my everyday items with an analytical eye. Do I really need this item? I haven’t used it in the year I was here. Time to recycle some things. This is an example of going over something with more focus and attention to detail. Each of us have our own agendas so I am not able to tell you all of the possibilities, but I think you get the idea.

If you have any Obsessive and Compulsive behaviors, they will most likely come to a head now so you are aware of them and so you can address the situation and find a healthy way to release that behavior. Obsessive behaviors is also ruled by Pluto.


This Full Moon is also connected to Pluto in an easy and very grounded manner this month. To me this means we have the opportunity to begin a deep transformation in the area we are focusing on the most.

While Full Moons happen every month Pluto connecting to the Full Moon does not. However right now this is happening. Over the last few months and thru June’s Full Moon the Moon will connect with Pluto so our Full Moon releases will have more power. 


We also need to include some other aspects that are present in the Full Moon chart. One thing would be that Venus and Uranus are in each other’s signs. This is called Mutual Reception it means they have each other’s number and they can communicate easily without interference. They are also in a square aspect with each other (and contra-parallel) and that creates a lot of tension or friction to get our attention.

Sometimes as humans we like to ignore the difficult issues because working on them is HARD. However the universe is saying, now is the time to face your issues/problems/concerns in regard to Venus and Uranus items. 

I am going to list a few ideas for you.

Venus is what we value, it is finances, relationships, beauty, art and what we love. Now that she is in the sign of Aquarius and connected to Uranus, we can feel some push-back in our relationships. Maybe you need a bit more freedom, maybe your partner is the one feeling it? Time to have a conversation. The same goes for any important partnership or relationship you are in. Maybe you need to fire your realtor or find a new lawyer. Just ideas.

Venus with Uranus can also supply us with information about our finances. Maybe the financial risk you took is showing up now. Maybe something has shifted and you now feel the financial freedom you have been seeking. (I like that one).

Another piece that can show up with Venus and Uranus connecting is the overall need for freedom and independence. Experiencing something different and unique. We want to feel alive.


And finally we can’t forget all the planets are in forward motion and that means we are able to manifest quickly whatever it is we are focusing on. So BE THE OBSERVER, take a step back to see the bigger picture before acting. Be like the Eagle in the sky, rise above your current life circumstances so you can see a bigger picture from that perspective then you can hone in the details.

The Video forecast is on my You-Tube channel HERE

All my classes are in session right now, but I am open during some weekdays for private mentor classes. If interested send me an email we can talk. See if it is what you are looking for.

Thank you for your continued support. With eternal gratitude, Namaste Dorothy


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