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As I sit here evaluating the chart for the Full Moon in Virgo the first thing I see besides the Full Moon (Sun opposite Moon) is the Moon in a productive aspect with the Lord of transformation PLUTO. This Full Moon is showing us where the details matter the most in your personal life as well as the instructions on how to make those life changing choices. What a powerful opportunity we have. So let’s do as the Virgo Full Moon requests and pull it apart to get to the details.

Once a year when the Full Moon is in Virgo we have a fantastic opportunity to hone in on the details in a number of categories. Here are 10 of many things we can focus on with the Full Moon in Virgo.

1. Daily Health and Wellness - Cleanliness

2. The Food We Eat - Diet

3. Daily routine

4. Work Environment and Co-Workers

5. Practicality

6. Discipline

7. Efficiency

8. Obsessive and Compulsive behaviors

9. Being A Workaholic

10. Analyzing data and so much more

Are you aware of how your body and your emotions interact with each other? Now is a good time to become aware of this and get into alignment with that. 

Whenever most people are stressed or emotional about something they have stomach issues. Some people may translate this into eating issues.

Take some time during this Lunar phase and check in with yourself. See if you need to release a bad eating habit or find a way to release an emotional trigger that gets your stomach in knots.