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Full Moon Sagittarius: Practical Insights - Exploring Truth

Full Moon in Sagittarius over the ocean

Let's discuss the upcoming full moon in the sign of Sagittarius on May 23rd and explore its practical applications and insights while exploring your truth.

Every month, mainstream pop astrology tends to create a lot of drama surrounding the new moon, the full moon, and any other celestial events they can latch onto. However, I prefer to stick with what I've been doing since the early 2000s: focusing on the practical application of the current sky transits. I know times are changing and AI is taking over in so many areas of life. But I know I want clear and concise information when I am looking for insight. So while I am changing with the times I also plan to stay rooted in my decades of practice.

The full moon at 2° of Sagittarius marks a culmination of ideas. It presents an opportunity for adventure, exploration, and play, which can help us break free from overthinking and connect with a deeper truth within ourselves. Though it may not sound practical at first, this engagement with higher truths is indeed practical. The full moon illuminates everything around us, providing 24-hour access to light, whether from the sun or the moon's reflection. During this time, our unconscious and subconscious minds rise to the surface, evident in our interactions with others. There's a profound awareness, with little left hidden during the full moon.

Since we're delving into Sagittarius and the value of speaking the truth, I want to be transparent with you. I'm being a little vulnerable here. Lately, I've found myself growing weary of creating the forecasts for new moons and full moons. It's a task I've been undertaking since around 2008, or perhaps 2006—I can't quite recall. With the proliferation of astrology apps and Instagram astrologers, I sometimes question if my efforts are truly making a difference.

However, my love for astrology persists, and I assume you share that passion if you're reading this. Even though I may feel a bit tired, I know that astrology forecasts hold significance and can positively impact lives. I'm confident that I'll rediscover my rhythm and enthusiasm soon. After all, astrology is not just about predicting the future; it's about seeking our own truths and finding happiness and joy in the journey.

Let’s continue. I want you to take time during this full moon to discover or better yet uncover your truth about what is going on in your life. It is so important to recognize what is working for you and what is no longer working. Use this opportunity to delve deep into your inner landscape, exploring your desires, fears, and aspirations. Embrace the illumination of the full moon to shed light on areas of your life that may have been hidden or overlooked. This is a moment of clarity and insight, a chance to realign with your authentic self and make empowered choices moving forward. Trust in the wisdom of your intuition as you navigate this journey of self-discovery during the Sagittarius full moon.

Let's cover the LUNAR GESTATION PHASE that this full moon is part of

The start of each lunar gestation phase begins with a New Moon, this one was on November 23, 2022 which brings awareness to new events within a fresh Zodiac sign this time Sagittarius. It presents an opportunity for learning and exploration. Engaging in activities aligned with the Zodiac sign of the New Moon. At this stage, we usually don't know the outcome of what we're initiating because both the Sun and Moon are at the same place in the zodiac and have a similar perspective. It's akin to planting a seed, where the results will unfold over time. The heightened awareness gained from setting goals and intentions during this New Moon will unfold over a period of nine months, leading up to the First Quarter Moon, which will be at a similar degree. Therefore, it's important to sow ideas and embark on new ventures that feel inspired and aligned with the qualities represented by the corresponding Zodiac sign. New moon also represents new growth, and new growth is tender and adaptable and so are you.

Nine months after the New Moon, on August 24, 2023 we reached the First Quarter Moon, (some calendars will call this the Second Quarter Moon) which occurs at a similar degree as the New Moon. This phase serves as a turning point marked by the square aspect between the Sun and the Moon. It's common to experience stress and struggle striving during this stage of the lunar gestation phase. While there is heightened activity and courage, challenges also arise. These struggles often lay the groundwork for a significant leap forward at the subsequent lunar phase, which would be the Full Moon nine months later. By this point, we have become actively engaged in the endeavors initiated during the New Moon nine months ago, and the results of our efforts begin to manifest.

Look back into these dates and phases and see what the main theme is that you are NOW fully aware of. Start processing your information to discern what is worthy of your full attention and what is ready to be completed or let go of. This is your personal work. While I won't dictate precisely what you should focus on, astrology suggests that we should all be working on nurturing the positive aspects of our lives and releasing the negative. Use this reflective period to identify areas of growth and areas that may need release, aligning with the natural rhythms of the lunar phases to guide your introspection and decision-making.

Let's go deeper now and look at the other transits that are part of the Full Moon energy

That wraps up our discussion on the full moon in Sagittarius. Now, let's shift our focus to four other aspects that are unfolding alongside this full moon. These additional influences offer valuable insights and energies that complement the essence of the full moon.

Here is a brief description of each of those.

1.     Venus conjunct Jupiter at the final degree* of Taurus: The conjunction of Venus and Jupiter signifies a time of abundance, love, and generosity, amplifying feelings of harmony and enjoyment in relationships and pleasurable activities. This celestial pairing invites us to bask in the warmth of love and to indulge in life's luxuries. It's a period ripe with opportunities for expansion and joy, encouraging us to embrace the beauty and richness of the world around us.


2.     Venus in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces also at the final degree of the respective signs: there's a harmonious blend of imagination and social grace, fostering creativity and romantic ideals. This alignment encourages us to infuse our interactions with compassion and sensitivity, as we navigate the realms of love and creativity. Being it is the final degree of a sign/s we might feel the intensity of these planets more than usual. It's a time to appreciate the subtleties of life and to find inspiration in the ethereal realms of dreams and intuition.


3.     Venus ingress Gemini: As Venus enters Gemini after the full moon, it enhances our sociability, charm, and desire for variety in relationships and pleasures, encouraging us to seek intellectual connections and playful interactions. This transit sparks curiosity and stimulates our minds, urging us to explore new ideas and perspectives. It's a time to embrace versatility and adaptability in our social interactions, as we engage in lively conversations and embrace the diversity of human experience. This happens to be one of my favorite places for Venus.


4.     Jupiter sextile Neptune also at the final degree* of the signs they are in: This harmonious alignment between Jupiter and Neptune promotes spiritual growth, compassion, and idealism, inspiring us to pursue our dreams with optimism and faith in the unseen. Under this influence, we're encouraged to expand our horizons and embrace a broader, more inclusive perspective. It's a time to tap into our intuition and imagination, as we envision a brighter future filled with hope and possibility. Being it is at the final degree of the signs once again we may be feeling like something is coming to a head and we are not sure what.


*The final degree of zodiac signs marks a pivotal moment of transition and completion, signaling the end of one astrological cycle and the beginning of another. While it represents closure and culmination, it also serves as a gateway to fresh energy and opportunities as the planets prepare to enter a new sign. This threshold holds both the intensity of wrapping up loose ends and the anticipation of embarking on new journeys, making it a potent and dynamic point in the astrological chart.

The Full Moon in this forecast is at an early degree in Sagittarius so that also means we are able to finish and begin simultaneously.


Summary: Our exploration of the upcoming full moon in Sagittarius has shown how it can help us understand ourselves better. As we move through different lunar phases, we're reminded that life moves in cycles, with periods of growth and challenges. By reflecting on these phases, we can decide what's important to focus on and what we need to let go of. As we reach the end of each zodiac sign, we feel a sense of completion and excitement for new beginnings as planets move into new areas of the sky. The other aspects happening alongside the full moon bring more insights and opportunities for growth in areas like abundance, creativity, and social connections. Overall, we embrace the changes and possibilities that come with each phase, using them to guide us on our journey.



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