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Full Moon in Virgo March 7, 2023 Saturn in Pisces

Do you have a bad habit you need to change? Full Moon in Virgo Can Help

This Full Moon in Virgo on March 7th can feel really intense due to the fact that Saturn is at the final minutes of Aquarius during the Full Moon. This puts pressure on us in a way that will occupy our mind completely. We may very well be overthinking and over planning. This hyper focus can create issues for some people and moments of recognition and realizations for other people. Some of us work really well under pressure and some of us do not. This is the nature of having two very distinct Astrological events happening at the same time. It is two sides of the same coin if you will. Which side do you fall on? I’m feeling a bit of both and hope to use it to its fullest when the day arrives.

Let’s pull apart the Full Moon first – It’s Lunar Family - and then we will get to Saturn.

This Full Moon is bringing to our attention the patterns and cycles of our everyday lives thanks to its’ position in Virgo.

· Do you have a bad habit you need to change?

· Is there something new you would like to insert into your life?

· Are there some adjustments that need to happen with your coworkers?

· Maybe you are interested in changing your diet and/or your health routine.

Any and all of these things can come to our attention during this Full Moon. Up until now we most likely have been thinking about what to do and the choices we have. About what you might be asking? The details here will be personal for each of us. With the Full Moon we are able to see it all, everything is disclosed and it is time to act. The monthly Full Moon phase lasts for four days so you have time to act. (The Moon is moving slow right now and will take 4 days to get to the next monthly lunar phase). Trust me I did the math. 😉

The Full Moon phase this month is from March 7, 2023 7:40 AM EST till March 11, 2023 at 5:35 AM EST.

Act during this time, work with others, there is a lot of opportunity for forward movement, lots of energy to get thing accomplished.

If you haven’t done this yet sit down and write out what has been on your mind and then what action you should or want to take NOW. Writing it out works well for many people so we are able to see all of our thoughts and the next best steps.

We also want to remember that Full Moons can represent relationships and partnerships so keep that in mind if you have a partnership/relationship that needs some attention to the details this week.

Maybe you want to hire a personal trainer or meet with a nutritionist to help with food intake. Things like this and more will show up.

Now let’s also look at the Lunar gestation cycle that this Full Moon is a part of.

This Full Moon is part of a bigger 3 year cycle that works in four - 9 month intervals. Each one of these starts with a New Moon so we have a bunch of them happening simultaneously, it's like a spider's web so many of these happening at the same time but we're going to focus on just this one and when today's full moon cycle began. Here is complete Lunar Gestation Family listing which includes the Full Moon we are focusing on today. All four lunar events are within a few degrees within Virgo and 9 months apart from each other.

New Moon at 14 Virgo September 6, 2021

First Quarter at 16 Virgo June 7, 2022

Full Moon at 16 Virgo March 7, 2023

Last Quarter at 12 Virgo December 5, 2023

So what do we do with these dates? We look back into our journals and see what we were focusing on during those times. They should all have a similar theme that is Virgo related – detail related – reference above.

At New Moons we set goals and intentions as well as acknowledging how we were feeling.

The First Quarter Moon is when we are working hard toward the goals we set at the New Moon.

The Full Moon (now) we are taking full advantage of any opportunities that we have created or have presented themselves.

The Last Quarter Moon we will be acknowledging the wisdom from the prior 27 months as well as harvesting what we can from the situations and opportunities we have been working on during that time.

Now what about Saturn? Having it at the final degree during this Full Moon will heighten our focus and could blow our collective minds. The last degree of Aquarius being the only Fixed Air sign will bring a lot of thoughts to a peak that are related to ideas – freedom – working outside the normal parameters – breaking away from societal norms. You may feel this on a personal level but most of us will see it in the world at large and in regard to groups of people and not something that is personal.

In a nutshell once Saturn enters Pisces on March 7, 2023 thru February 12, 2026 we are going to be breaking down a lot of what we know as normal social structure – letting go of status quo so we can then find a greater sense of freedom – creativity – spirituality – and commitment to serve others. A more inclusive world would be nice but one that does not step on the toes of others to get there. This also means we will be working on boundaries a lot over the coming years as Saturn moves through Pisces.

One big question comes to my mind when I sit here contemplating Saturn in Pisces. When does helping others stop being empowering and becomes enabling? This is a Saturn in Pisces matter.

I will pause here for now. Thank you for reading all the way to the bottom. It is rare these days and I appreciate your time and I am very grateful for you.

Love and blessings, Dorothy


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