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Navigating the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra: Astrology Insights and Reflections

Lunar Eclipse March 25 2024 Over Ocean Astrology Info

Understanding the Essence of the Lunar Eclipse in Libra

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Libra Astrology The Focus on Balance and Relationships

Let's discuss the lunar eclipse in Libra on March 25th, occurring at 5° of Libra while the Sun is positioned at 5° of Aries. The essence of the full moon lunar eclipse in the sign of Libra revolves around recognizing the balance in our lives, focusing on significant relationships, and fostering personal growth. At this point, we're all aware of how important eclipses are; they serve as major catalysts for change and heightened awareness, both on a personal level and for the collective consciousness, as the entire world experiences their impact.

At the core of a lunar eclipse in the sign of Libra is a focus on our interpersonal relationships and how we navigate them, including the dynamics of give-and-take within partnerships. This encourages us to seek fairness, understanding, and empathy both in our relationships and within ourselves.

Unveiling Hidden Emotions and Patterns

Eclipses and Full Moons often bring hidden emotions and unconscious patterns to the surface, shedding light on areas of our lives that require attention and transformation. In the context of Libra, this eclipse may illuminate imbalances within relationships, such as power struggles, codependency issues, or unresolved conflicts. It prompts us to confront these challenges with honesty and integrity, aiming to restore harmony and mutual respect in our connections.

Embracing Diplomacy and Grace

The influence of Libra encourages us to approach any of these issues with a sense of diplomacy and grace, recognizing the importance of open communication compromise and cooperation. This full moon eclipse, as all full moons do, they reveal to us where we are lacking in regard to these Libra qualities already mentioned in this report. If we are lacking in the skillful ways of using Libra then we will use the unskillful components of Libra. Those happen to be arguing and fighting and a lot of discord because nobody's listening or respecting the other side. I think we can all agree that we see a lot of this in today's world. A lack of respect and understanding for an opposing opinion.

Libra also governs the justice system, as well as fairness and equality in society. It draws our attention to social injustices and disparities, prompting us to advocate for greater equality. While not everyone may feel compelled, many will find inspiration from this eclipse to take appropriate action, contributing to the creation of a more balanced environment in addressing issues that currently hold our attention. This could involve addressing personal relationships or assisting those who lack support and are facing difficulties.

Now let's move on to a few other things that this eclipse is activating simply in the eclipse chart, not even looking at where it might be personally for you. If you would like to dig into that piece where these eclipses are happening in your own personal chart March 25th and April 8th as well as in the fall you know how to get a hold of me to book your own private session or lesson. Just let me know, and I'll be happy to assist you.

Neptune's Role in the Eclipse Chart

Revealing Hidden Truths

I understand it might seem unusual, but I'd like to discuss Neptune now, as it plays a significant role in this eclipse chart. In our astrological practice, we use a rulership process akin to a map to determine if any planet governs the entire chart, and the answer here is yes. Neptune serves as the final dispositor of this eclipse chart, indicating to me that this eclipse holds great significance in revealing truths we may have been unable or unwilling to see.

Neptune and the Sun are closely aligned in longitude but reside in different zodiac signs. However, their declination is exactly contra-parallel. In simpler terms, this alignment suggests that truths we've been concealing from ourselves are now coming to light. Consequently, we have the opportunity to gain clarity on matters that have left us uncertain for quite some time.

In further detail, with the eclipsed moon in the sign of Libra, the realization of what we hide from ourselves will be revealed through another. The full moon in Libra always represents an opportunity for us to see what we need to see from those who mirror it back to us. Of course, most of us don't like it when somebody says something to us that we know is true and it hits a nerve. This experience will be common for most of us, and if you remain open and aware in that moment, you can learn an important lesson about yourself.

Embracing Vibrational Energy

If you're into vibrational energy—which, why not, right? —it's the idea that what we think about and what we put out into the world comes back to us. That's what I mean by vibrational energy. During this eclipse, there is an opportunity for each of us to ensure that we are projecting into the world what we would like to see and what represents us. This may require meditation and contemplation, as our unconsciousness can sometimes obscure our vision. This is especially relevant considering the influence of Neptune, as described a few sentences earlier.

Lunar Gestation Cycle Insights

Reflecting on Past Cycles

Thank you for reading this far now we're going to approach the lunar gestation cycle of which this lunar eclipse is a member of. When we have an eclipse in a lunar gestation cycle it makes that cycle especially important for us to pay attention to.

This lunar gestation cycle began with a new moon on September 25th 2022 at 2° of Libra. Look back in your journals to see what goals you set what you were focusing on and what you initiated as well as simply what was going on around you what were you witnessing in your life. What got your attention in that time frame. Knowing the answer to that question will help you to evaluate what the current lunar eclipse is trying to show you.

Nine months later on June 26 2023 we had the first quarter moon at 4° of Libra. At that point whatever you had initiated at the new moon nine months prior now you would be working diligently towards that goal. Or emotionally focusing on how you feel in relationship to what came up nine months ago at the new moon on September 25th 2022.

Nine months later is where we are now March 25th 2024 full moon lunar eclipse at 4° of Libra. All is being revealed in regard to everything we have already written about in this forecast.

Summarizing the Eclipse's Themes

In summary, the full moon lunar eclipse in Libra highlights the importance of understanding and nurturing our relationships, fostering personal growth, and embracing empathy and compassion. As we navigate this celestial event, let us strive for balance, harmony, and mutual respect in our interactions.

Thank you for joining me on this journey of exploration and reflection. Your engagement and support are deeply appreciated as we navigate the complexities of the cosmos together.


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