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New Moon Hybrid Solar Eclipse in Aries April 19/20

April 20TH at 00:13 EDT or April 19TH 9:13 PM PDT

We have our first Solar Eclipse of the year at 29 degrees of Aries

An event occurring at the final degree of a Zodiac sign signifies a significant emphasis and drive. This is because all previous efforts have culminated to this point, the ultimate degree of the Zodiac sign.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in April falls precisely at this point, representing both a new beginning and a pinnacle moment. Therefore, we are urged to commence anew, but with the knowledge, life experiences, and wisdom that only time can offer.

With the 29th degree of any zodiac sign we can feel like we are ready to act and make something happen. If we've been procrastinating, we might feel anxious or anxiety.

Aries is lively and is always ready to act, which is not the full desire of a New Moon. Yes New Moons are about beginnings, planting seeds and initiating new ideas from a safe place so we can take our time and nurture what we want to create. Not like the impulsiveness of Aries.

However, this New Moon Eclipse is not just about creating impulsively because it is at the final degree of Aries. It's time to take the steps we've been holding back on, it's time to muster all our courage. Like the Fool card in the tarot the 29th degree can represent leaving behind old ways and stepping into something new but from a place of life experience and wisdom not from a place of impulsiveness and lack of preparation.

This Solar Eclipse is a tipping point in our year, and it begs the question: are you willing to take a risk? What does that feel like to you? Have you been doing something for so long that you just can't wait to start something new?

It's also worth noting that the New Moon we had on March 21st was at the Spring Equinox, which is also a significant day. That New Moon was at Zero degrees of Aries and upcoming one is at 29 degrees of Aries. The full spectrum of Aries is activated between these two lunar events which stirs up a lot of energy for the coming year.

Like we already don’t have enough happening. Pluto in Aquarius – Saturn in Pisces etc.

This strong focus on Aries as we begin our Astrological year is a significant sign that we prioritize working on our own processes first. Yes, it is a beautiful thing to serve others and share your light but if you do not have what you need or you have been unable to speak up for yourself or lack the courage to step up and out into your world, these Lunar events are here to help.

You need to be willing though.

This Aries Eclipse can also expose how burnout you may be thus making it clear that you need some self-care. It is time to do your own healing work.

We have the support of the planets as long as you have put yourself first in some things. I know this might sound selfish to some people, but it is not. It is self-care, we need to do our own work first before we can work with or help others. If we forget about ourselves the result is burnout.

In addition to this we also have Jupiter in Aries cheering us on, or maybe I should say egging us on. We can expect to see the fighting spirit in ourselves and others. It can be encouraging or aggressive.

Can there be some very aggressive people and situations out there? YES! So reflect or respond according to your morals and ethics.

Your focus will help with the outcome. How you respond to the harsher sides of the current energy is a key component.

We also have Chiron in Aries – not near the eclipse but still in Aries for another four years so it is activated as well thanks to this eclipse. Wounds will be opened or have been opened so we can then work on the healing process.

This Eclipse is also making a square aspect with Pluto at zero degrees of Aquarius. While Pluto will not move past zero degrees for a long time, this connection with the eclipse means Pluto is suggesting we might want to go a little deeper than Aries is willing to do. It will take a long time before we know the true meaning of that connection and what Pluto in Aquarius is all about. But for now go deeper if you choose. One way I have seen Pluto in Aquarius show up recently is through all the AI artificial intelligence taking the internet by storm. I am going to wait just a little longer before dipping my toe into that pool.

Another layer of information for you. All four eclipses we have in 2023 will activate each of the elements in this order. Fire, Water, Air, Earth. This is spectacular especially if you work with the Elements in some way. I am thinking Shamans here, but you know who you are.

Each element receives an Astrological burst of power from an eclipse in 2023. That is unique when it comes to eclipse patterns, and the first eclipse of the year is a fire sign! This is going to be (and already is) a very active year and you get to choose what you would like to initiate. Take the time to do your work and focus on what you personally need right now. A few questions to ponder.

Are you willing to do your own work first? Are you willing to take a chance?

We can start there but then we must go deeper at some point in time to make the lifelong transformative changes that the Pluto connection is hinting at.

Mercury retrograde April 21, 2023

I also want to touch on what Mercury is doing during this Eclipse. Within 28 (yes twenty eight) hours of the Eclipse Mercury will go retrograde. This means Mercury is stationary during the Eclipse at a critical degree of a fixed sign. 15 degrees of Taurus. 15 degrees of fixed signs are a tipping point because they are 45 degrees from the Zero cardinal points. Cardinal points are the change of the seasons and represent the four directions and the four elements. 45 degrees from these points as I said represent a tipping point. Mercury will be spending 7 days at 15 degrees April 18th through April 25th something in our lives will most likely feel very frustrating. Look for that degree in your chart as well if you know how.

Times like these are like rings in a tree, they leave a permanent mark. We can see/feel the growth patterns of our lives and the wounds depending on how good or harsh the living conditions were during certain years.

We are at a point in humanity and personally were we are being told, not even asked anymore, to step up and heal so we can then embrace what the next phase. Of course all of this is within the bounds of free will and what your Soul has planned.

If you are inspired to know more please book yourself a session.

Always grateful and thankful for you and what the universe is providing.

Namaste’ Dorothy

PS from What is a Hybrid Solar Eclipse?

Hybrid Solar Eclipse

Sometimes during a solar eclipse, the Moon’s umbra will reach Earth’s surface in some places, creating a total eclipse, but Earth’s surface will curve away from the shadow so that the umbra no longer reaches the planet’s surface in other places, creating an annular eclipse. When a solar eclipse appears total in some places but annular in others, it’s called a hybrid eclipse.


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