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New Moon in Gemini May 30 Prepare For Information To Flow

With the New Moon in Gemini this month and the ruler of Gemini “Mercury” in its retrograde phase, initiating new projects and setting intentions or goals at this point in time could definitely feel a little unusual.

The Gemini Moon these days is also, by declination, out of bounds and that puts an added emphasis to the true nature of a Gemini Moon. That would include considerable amounts of communication, short trips, running around and errands. As well as information overload from multiple media sources. We tend to over schedule ourselves when we have the Moon in the sign of Gemini or become scattered and unfocused.

We also know when there is a New Moon it is not always easy to see what our focus should be. This is because the Moon is dark and has no light to share yet. So being completely intentional is not easy. It may be like reaching into a mixed bag of Sunflower seeds and planting whatever we grabbed. Even though we know we planted Sunflower seeds we are not sure which variety of flower will grow. This is how every New Moon is, there is only so much we can control and set our intentions on at this Lunar phase. We will know more by the time we get to the first quarter moon approximately one week later. If you are working with the Lunar Gestation Phases, it will be at the first quarter Moon 9 months from now. Every New Moon begins a new monthly cycle as well as the Lunar Gestation phase that lasts 3 years. For more details we will now focus on what Gemini is all about.

What I would be focusing on with this New Moon in Gemini. A new opportunity for clearer communication or some much needed insight that is gained by listening more. 

Learning to share time when it comes to speaking up and saying what is on your mind and listening just a deeply as you would like someone to listen to you.

This New Moon is not making any of the basic aspects to any other planets in the transit chart until we get to the afternoon of the 31st when the Moon final makes 2 aspects a square to Neptune and Trine to Saturn. When the connections to Saturn and Neptune occur “at the same time” by the way, then we may notice where we need more clarity or flow in our lives, and also the need for some structure. Since Saturn is in an Air sign as is the Moon, be open to new and innovative ideas and goals to suddenly arrive, we may even have a moment of enlightenment.

We also have the conjunction and parallel connect between Mars and Jupiter on the same day as this New Moon. With this combination many of us will be feeling energized. Having more energy than what is normal for us. Being that both are in Aries we should be mindful of the sudden risks we are willing to take in any category you can think of. I would add especially in regard to physical actions and taking a risk with your money.

The Mars Jupiter connection shows up a lot in charts of people who like to gamble. Are you willing to take the risk? 

In a nutshell for this New Moon in Gemini. Play, have fun, be active and also open to new and innovative thoughts and ideas. Communicate with others and listen as closely as you would like to be heard.

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