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New Moon in Libra September 25, 2022

Finding Common Ground

Are you settling just to keep the peace?

When we have this yearly New Moon in Libra it is always an opportunity to set new intentions around being diplomatic and finding common ground. I feel this an important focus right now considering we are in full swing in regard to the mid-term elections here in the U.S.

There has been and still is a lot of division in the world and it is my hope and dream that we start to find a way to come back together. Have conversations and healthy debates but not let it divide us further as it has over the last few years.

To me this is a global and collective focus, but what about you? Have you been divided from those you love over the last few years? Are you feeling like this might be the time to make a peace offering or sit down and try and have a conversation.

Just a thought and one of many ways we can use this Libra New moon.

On a more personal level this New Moon increases our awareness around what we need in our most important relationships. Are you receiving what you need from your partner? Are they getting what they need? 

This goes for business partnerships as well as any other one to one relationship.

Then we could also ask ourselves, is there an area in life where you feel you are making too many compromises or settling just to keep the peace? If this is the case for you, now would be a good time to use the power of this lunar event to set some new goals into place.

Take your time we have a few days while the Moon is in the New and Crescent phases to write out our intentions.

Here is a special note for those of us that are not always keen on making wishes or goal setting but still feel drawn to use the New Moon energy. I would like yo