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Updated: Mar 2, 2022

The New Moon in Pisces begins Wednesday March 2nd at 12:35 PM ET and is at the 12th degree of Pisces. This is a very soft and gentle New Moon that is enhanced by its’ closeness to Jupiter. I will talk about that more but let’s set the scene first.

When we look at the chart as a whole unit and not just the New Moon we can see that we have all but one planet within 60 degrees of each other. This is called a Bundle chart. It means there is an intense focus by all who live on just a few things right now. Stability and consistency as well as having compassion and the ability to dream and come together.  

There are 3 planets conjunct in Capricorn, Venus (our values), Mars (movement and action) and Pluto (Lord of transformation). Together they are asking us to focus on and take action in our lives. In what area of life will be personal to you but you should know what it is already because it is the are of life that is changing the most and has the deepest opportunity for transformation.

With 2 planets in Aquarius, Mercury conjunct Saturn, that focus is on our thoughts and ideas.

What we believe in.

Are we able to change our minds or let a though or belief go? When we stay in a comfort zone for too long there is no room for growth. Mercury and Saturn are also halfway between the Capricorn and Pisces planets, called the midpoint. This will intensify the feelings of this New Moon.

We also have 4 planets conjunct in Pisces. The Sun and Moon (New Moon), Jupiter and Neptune. Capricorn and Pisces are both Yin signs, meaning receptive. All Earth and Water signs are Yin. So 8 of our current planetary placements is