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Each month we have a New Moon and this represents an opportunity to set new intentions and plant new ideas. This month the New Moon in Taurus is also a Solar Eclipse. It happens at least twice a year when the Sun – Moon – Earth line up on the same declination. This gives the New Moon a lot more power.

If you know me and have been following me for a few years you know I love talking about the longer cycle of the Moon then just its’ monthly path. It is called the Lunar Gestation Cycle. This process was discovered and written about by Astrologer Dietrech Pessin

The beginning of every lunar gestation cycle is a New Moon which brings awareness to new events in a new Zodiac sign. This is a fresh opportunity to learn and explore. Begin activities based off the Zodiac sign of that New Moon and the house location for you. In this blog I will only talk about the sign. 

We don't typically know the results of what we're beginning at this time because both planets are in the same place and have the same perspective. However we want to set intentions and create goals for ourselves even if we are not 100% sure what the outcome will be.

A greater awareness from this New Moon goal setting and intentions will take nine months from now. This is when we get to the first quarter moon which will be at a similar degree in Taurus. I am talking about the Lunar Gestation Cycle.

So plant ideas that you feel inspired by, initiate new things that feel right at the time of the New Moon and also include some of the qualities that this zodiac sign represents. Some of your ideas will bloom quickly and maybe be complete in the normal monthly cycle. However some things will take the longer amount of time, 9 months to really show you what you are growing.

Let’s cover some the qualities of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus. Besides simply setting goals for what you want we should also focus on Taurus things.

Taurus is a fixed sign and the New Moon Eclipse means we need to do something new or different. Break from tradition or what we have always done needs to change, especially when it comes to investing money and matters in that area. 

This Eclipse is also tight with Uranus and we are in dire need of many things to change in the financial world. I expect we will see this over the coming few years. In all honesty we have seen many changes already with Uranus in Taurus but this is the first Eclipse in Taurus since Uranus entered this sign back in 2018.

Here are some personal things about Taurus that you can consider adding to your New Moon Solar Eclipse ritual or goal setting process.

1. The Moon in Taurus loves good food. Are you ready eat fresher or cleaner? Set that goal if you are.

2. Gardening and Plants or supporting your local farmers

3. The Earth and her Climate changes

4.     Stability in your money and finances – do need a better paying job? Maybe you are aware of your spending habits now and are ready to pay down debit. 

5. New definition of what we think is beautiful – redecorating your home

6. The skills and talents we have that earn you money – taking a hobby turning it into financial support.

7. Slowing down and taking your time – stop and smell the roses.

8. Taurus is a Fixed Earth sign and that is slow, reliable, and methodical.

9. I am sure you can think of more things too. Set goals around anything that has value to you.

When we have a New Moon in a fixed sign, as Taurus is, and it is also an Eclipse we are all going to be experiencing some kind of complex situation relating to our values, our money and how secure we feel. The next Eclipse is in Scorpio in two weeks. This Taurus / Scorpio eclipse action will stir up matters around these things already mentioned and even be related to the finances of mortgages, stocks, speculation investments of all kinds and other financial exchanges and currencies.

I am no financial advisor, although I can tell from this New Moon eclipse and the next eclipse in two weeks those of us who have money invested, it will have our attention one way or another.

Those of us who do not have money like that well we will be focused on our changing values. I know for me there have been many big changes in my life over the last few years that have given me a different perspective. This means, what I value has shift as well. All Taurus territory.

Being that this Eclipse is also involved with Uranus it tells me we need to find a way to do things differently. No matter how uncomfortable it may feel. We are being asked to grow and expand, move life away from the old paradigm and archaic ways of thinking and doing. Maybe even find some liberation from the old rules and systems.

And then to top it all off we do have the ruler of Taurus “Venus” in a wonderful connection to Jupiter in Pisces. All of that Astro babble means, while on one hand some things are a bit of a struggle, we also have two very helpful planets teamed up to see that we get the best outcome possible. 

What an amazing opportunity we have in front of us. A chance to really step into the future.

Many blessings, please come and join my community by joining the web site or getting on my newsletter list.

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Enjoy the ride. Dorothy Morgan


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