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Each month we have a New Moon and this represents an opportunity to set new intentions and plant new ideas. This month the New Moon in Taurus is also a Solar Eclipse. It happens at least twice a year when the Sun – Moon – Earth line up on the same declination. This gives the New Moon a lot more power.

If you know me and have been following me for a few years you know I love talking about the longer cycle of the Moon then just its’ monthly path. It is called the Lunar Gestation Cycle. This process was discovered and written about by Astrologer Dietrech Pessin

The beginning of every lunar gestation cycle is a New Moon which brings awareness to new events in a new Zodiac sign. This is a fresh opportunity to learn and explore. Begin activities based off the Zodiac sign of that New Moon and the house location for you. In this blog I will only talk about the sign. 

We don't typically know the results of what we're beginning at this time because both planets are in the same place and have the same perspective. However we want to set intentions and create goals for ourselves even if we are not 100% sure what the outcome will be.

A greater awareness from this New Moon goal setting and intentions will take nine months from now. This is when we get to the first quarter moon which will be at a similar degree in Taurus. I am talking about the Lunar Gestation Cycle.

So plant ideas that you feel inspired by, initiate new things that feel right at the time of the New Moon and also include some of the qualities that this zodiac sign represents. Some of your ideas will bloom quickly and maybe be complete in the normal monthly cycle. However some things will take the longer amount of time, 9 months to really show you what you are growing.