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New Moon Solar Eclipse December 3rd 11:43 PM PT December 4th 2:43 AM ET

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

New New New! Are you open and listening?

New Moon Solar Eclipse December 3rd 11:43 PM PST, December 4th 2:43 AM EST

New Moon Solar Eclipse is at 12 degrees 22 minutes Sagittarius. During New Moons and especially when it is an eclipse it is recommended then we focus on initiating new things, and that we are open to receiving new information, setting new goals and intentions. The Sagittarius qualities of this eclipse are philosophical, optimistic, spontaneous, free and easy, fun and adventurous.

Then there are political and religious beliefs that get stirred up. There will be foreign people, places or things in the news more than usual. I can see it is already starting with more virus news globally. Sagittarius rules the TRUTH as well. I wonder what that will look like.

The area of this New Moon Solar Eclipse is also in the second third of the sign of Sagittarius and that's ruled by Mars, so we're going to be feeling very energized and fired up by this New Moon Solar Eclipse. We want to take action or do something, not just sit around. But what should we be doing? The answer to that of course will be personal. For example people who are activists will be ready to act, people who are not may be focusing more on local or personal items.

However; when we start a new lunar cycle with an eclipse as we do twice a year (sometimes more), we can be blinded by the Sun and not be able to see things very clearly. (Remember we can not look directly at the Sun when the Moon is eclipsing it, we will injure our eyes. The energy of setting goals is the same. For example we may think we know what we want to do and the goals we want to set but I can guarantee you that not all the information is available to us.

So it is always my recommendation that we slow down, 

spend some time in meditation or doing whatever is your way of quieting your mind and give yourself some space to breath. Then ask yourself how do I feel? I mean really ask and be still – listen. Get out your journal and write that out, how you are feeling, after that you can then get into alignment with the goals and intention that you want. You can use some of the key words for Sagittarius as listed above or simply follow your own insight.

In the world at large I expect we will see a significant amount of “truth” coming to the surface and it is not mainstream media that will be doing this. It could be what we call here in the U.S. a whistleblower. Someone/s who has the inside truth but has been kept quiet till now. Time will tell.

So let’s focus back on us and our personal lives. Sagittarius says it is time to be honest with yourself, time to be real, what is the ultimate truth for you? Relax a little and enjoy life more. If you have been putting off learning something, do it! Let’s take the fun side of this Sagittarius Solar Eclipse and play, explore, be real and have fun. It is the last of the Gemini/Sagittarius eclipses that we have been having since June 2020 and we won’t see them again for 19 years

so now is the time. 

We also have Mercury in Sagittarius during this eclipse. While he is in this sign he rarely holds back, meaning we will be talking a lot and not listening. Which is why I recommended we find time to listen.

We also have Pluto in between the Sun and the Moon by the measurement of declination. This increases the power of this eclipse and our intentions even more

so take care and start by going within. 



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