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Saturn Spoke to me in a Dream last night

Updated: Jun 10, 2022


Let me tell you a story. I had an interesting dream last night. I was in some kind of market, and I

had a box full of old pictures. Not photographs but artwork. Very busy and confusing environment. If you've ever been to an antique auction you know what I'm talking about.

A person came up to me perused through everything that I had and pulled out one particular piece and said I'll give you $250 for this. I was surprised at the price, there really was nothing of great value in the box. So I thought.

The next thing they did was tear the canvas off of the frame. I was pretty surprised, they had just paid a lot of money for that piece of art. “What are you doing”? I asked.

They replied, “I only wanted the frame that is the most important part”.

Now comes the Astrology lesson.

So let’s call this person SATURN, shall we? As of today June 4 Saturn is retrograde till October 23rd. Saturn rules structures and infrastructure, your foundation, your frame, your boundaries. It represents the rules of the government and the structures we build as society. Saturn can feel oppressive if there are too many rules and helpful and safe when it is being supportive.

Saturn also represents our elders, the wise person of your family. The Matriarch – Grandmother – Empress.

If we engage in this archetype, we will have success over the coming months.

To be plain and simple here, any word you can think of that represents your foundation and boundaries belongs to Saturn. If we didn’t have Saturn, we would have chaos. Too much Saturn and we feel restricted.

So to me this dream is very important. It shows me that now, while Saturn is in its’ retrograde phase this is the time to remove all the irrelevant parts in our lives and trust our core beliefs.

There can be many ways to do this, letting go of responsibilities that are no longer useful to you. Releasing old ways of thinking, becoming your own authority. 

Physically losing weight if you are carrying excess. Take care of your teeth, skin and bones.

Pay close attention to your core strengths, your beliefs, your foundation and you will be using the retrograde phase of Saturn to the best of your abilities.

Just like that piece of artwork, if the frame the canvas is on is not strong and solid then all we have is a floppy piece of cloth.

If you would like to know where this transit of Saturn is for you and how to use it please reach out for a session.

Enjoy your weekend. Blessings, Dorothy


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