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The Rest of 2021 & 3rd Square of Saturn and Uranus

The square between Saturn and Uranus is challenging us and pushing us to shift out of the old ways. This will show up in a number of different ways, one of them I see in the world is what they're calling “the great resignation” people refusing to work Anymore in the old systems, pushing against not having enough control or time in their own lives. This moment in history is asking us to move away from what no longer serves humanity and people as a collective.

I hope in your heart you find your own way to reconcile these things if that's what you're drawn to.

In the meantime with Jupiter moving into Pisces this week as well, take your time to rest and relax, meditate, listen to music, recover.

You can watch the video of this post here.

With much gratitude and love I will see you in 2022.


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