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Your Child Reading - Print and PDF

Your Child Reading - Print and PDF

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This report gives parents a detailed, easy to read overlook of their child’s needs, potential and possible developmental course. The child’s personality is explained, how they will learn and interact with others, how they can best express their creative side, and provides a look into any special needs they may have, as well as how they perceive their parents.

Personally speaking, this is some extremely insightful information in these reports. I have used them on my own children and grandchildren, and from my own experience, I can tell you that you absolutely cannot find a better computer-generated Child Astrology report than this one, which is why I offer it here.


Optimum Child reports are also a rich source of ideas and strategies for any perplexed parent or teacher. They are packed with information to help caregivers understand a child’s uniqueness, deal with special problems, and nurture their inborn gifts.


The Optimum Child report reflects the work of Gloria Star, author of the best-selling book by the same name. For this reason, the author’s name and copyright notice appear in all reports. The typical Optimum Child report gives about 20-25 pages of insightful and informative text.

I will print it out for you and mail it to you within 10 business days. If you want it sooner and would like to print it out yourself and not wait, I can email you a PDF file. 


* Use the Custom Text box to provide me with your special child's 

  • Name 
  • Date of Birth
  • Time of Birth
  • Place of Birth


  • the email you would like the pdf to go to
  • the physical mailing address for the printed, bound copy


If ordering more than 1 please use additional Custom Text Boxes as needed. Thanks! It helps me keep everything clear. 


Feel free to also schedule a 30 minute session with me after you receive your report to go over anything in more detail.  Another option is to purchase an e-gift card for a half hour or an hour. Please know these reports are complete. A session is not required to understand them, it is optional. Some people enjoy also having a video meeting with me. 

  • What happens after you order?


    Thank you for this Your Child purchase. I love astrology as a tool for communication and understanding in family relationships. 

    You can use the Custom Text box when placing your order to provide me with your child's name, and their date, place, time of birth. I will also need the mailing address for your printed and  bound report. We will be in touch by email if you are I have any questions. 

    I will complete and email a pdf version of your report to your preferred email address as soon as it is finished, and then I will mail the physical, printed copy to the address you provide. 

    If you would like to have a follow-up session about the contents, you can schedule with me on my bookings page, or you can consider an e-gift card for a session to go with it in an amount that you choose, for a half hour, an hour. Whatever you feel is good. These are just suggestions. The report is clear and complete. 

    It is my hope the report is enjoyable and informative in many ways. 

    In kindness, 


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