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Mercury Retrograde Talks

Celestial Insights: Unveiling the True Meaning of Each Retrograde
Join Dorothy Morgan, Astrologer, and Sue Coffin, Numerologist, for three enlightening talks per year. Discover the real significance of retrogrades and learn how to harness their energy for personal growth.

Unlocking Mercury Retrograde: Insights and Benefits

Join us for a deep dive into the true meaning of Mercury retrograde and how to harness its energies for your advantage. In this series, astrologer Dorothy Morgan and numerologist Sue Coffin team up for three enlightening discussions throughout the year. Discover practical strategies using Astrology and Numerology to navigate Mercury retrograde like a pro. Don't miss out on this insightful collaboration!


Dates for the 2024 retrogrades

April 1st through April 25th, retrograding between 27 degrees and 15° of Aries.

August 4th or 5th through August 28th, retrograding from 4° of Virgo back to 21° of Leo.

November 25th through December 15th, retrograding from 22° Sagittarius back to 6° Sagittarius.


Embracing retrogrades as catalysts for growth and transformation is key. Instead of fearing them, we can view them as opportunities for introspection and positive change. By tuning into the specific energies of each retrograde and aligning ourselves with their flow, we can navigate these celestial events with resilience. In doing so, we gain valuable insights into different facets of our lives, empowering us to evolve and thrive.

Here is a link to my YouTube Mercury Retrograde Playlist to get right to it. Subscribe to stay in the loop. See you there!

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