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Mercury Retrograde Talks

​​What does each retrograde ACTUALLY mean and how can we benefit from them?
3 talks a year with Dorothy Morgan Astrologer and Sue Coffin Numerologist

Besides my own recordings about Mercury retrograde I also do a fun project three times a year with my colleague Sue Coffin. Together we have a conversation about how to utilize the energies of that retrograde.

I talk about the Astrology she talks about the Numerology.

​2023 Mercury Retrogrades are

December 29, 2022 thru January 18, 2023 - 24 degrees of Capricorn back to 8 Capricorn

April 21, 2023 thru May 15, 2023 - 15 degrees of Taurus back to 5 Taurus

August 23, 2023 thru September 15, 2023 - 21 degrees of Virgo back to 8 Virgo

December 13, 2023 thru January 2, 2024 - 8 degrees of Capricorn thru 22 Sagittarius

In essence, retrogrades are not to be feared, but embraced as opportunities for introspection, growth, and positive change. By understanding the unique energies of each retrograde and working with their flow, we can navigate these celestial events with resilience and gain valuable insights into various aspects of our lives.

Here is a link to my YouTube Mercury Retrograde Playlist to get right to it. Subscribe to stay in the loop. See you there!

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