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Classes and
Personalized Mentorship

More classes are always rotating as the year progresses.

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Personalized Mentorship

Why Mentorship?

Personalized instruction to match your level of knowledge

*This was fantastic, Dorothy. So much advanced information. Wheels already turning. So glad I tapped into this seminar. Thank you thank you! Diane B.


*Your 2023 webinar was fantastic! I recommend it to all who have not signed up for it. From a You-Tube follower


Available on November 19, 2023

I do not have this automated to send you the link the moment you purchase your recording. I will receive an email and I will then send you the video link to the recording.


It will arrive in a human and timely way!  You can then reference the video through the year for relevant, helpful guidance.

Purchase your recording here $45.00 USD


We have 3 Mercury retrogrades this year.

NO RETROGRADE PERIOD is from January 27 thru April 1, 2024

Full speed ahead … is this a good idea?


March 25, 2024 Lunar Eclipse in Libra - balancing out life

April 8, 2024 Solar Eclipse in Aries - visible in the USA focus on the self

September 17, 2024 Lunar Eclipse in Pisces - focus on others or Spiritual needs

October 2, 2024 Solar Eclipse in Libra - Fresh start in relationships



Mars will begin a retrograde phase late in the year.

This only happens once every two years.






I have not taught a Beginner class in a few years.

If you have yourself and 5 other friends that would like a class reach out. Let's talk.


This class is geared to those who have little knowledge of Astrology. Maybe you took classes years ago and you are very rusty. Whatever the reason please join us.

I have taught this class many times over the last 17 years. It is a fun and exciting class that will get you on the road to personal discovery and empowerment.  

This three-week class will provide you with the foundations of Astrology. We will learn about the basic structure of a birth-chart: the planets, signs and houses. We will also learn about the Elements, Modalities and Polarities. What is so important about the Sun, Moon and rising sign? Why we are more than our Sun sign.

All of this information will be covered in the three classes so no need to feel overwhelmed, that is why we are working together. By the time we have completed our three weeks together you will be able to decipher the overall profile of the personal astrology chart. 

After the initial 3 weeks, in the past some of us have gone on to 3 more weeks and 3 more after that. Each cluster of classes builds on the other. Some of these groups are still with me learning today after many years. Maybe that will be you someday.  All classes are recorded if you cannot make a class.

Books requirement for class:

​"The Beginners Guide to Astrology" by Dusty Bunker

"Astrology for Yourself": A workbook for Personal Transformation, by Douglas Bloch & Demetra George. 

You can find them both on Amazon

​I will email you the curriculum when you sign up. So sign up early there is work to do ahead of time. It is helpful if we are all on the same page so we can create a cohesive group.  Classes are held on Zoom and recorded.

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