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One who understands others
One who understands themself       

has knowledge 

has wisdom

Where do you want to be a month from now?

How about a year, or even three years?

What are your body, mind, spirit steps to take?

Astrology can provide these ideas, goals, and strategies. 
Astrology + My Experience = Knowledge + You = Wisdom
Let's meet.

Dorothy Morgan Master Astrologer

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Astrology Readings, Natal Charts, More...

A Year Ahead

Just for you, personalized based on your chart, to plan and guide your steps forward.

Your Story

Natal Chart.  A path to understanding Who, What, Where, When, Why, How. 

Current Energy

Transit Chart. What's happening now? Feeling the rumble? Decisions to make? 

A Whole Package

Natal Transits, Life Path, Solar Return, Progressions, and More

Classes, Lectures, Mentoring

Online, live with me directly. Some pre-recorded materials. Mostly I prefer to be together in real time and customize to what the individual or group needs.


Weekly Connection

Insider content and direct access to me and special materials. Our community.

Your Child

Your inner child, your grandchild, your children, a child you love. 

Compatibility, Partnership Love

Together, what are your strengths, challenges? Who are you and what do you become together?

Usable Astrology: Ace and Apply the Essentials

Astrology + Knowledge = Empowered Growth


Full Course + Bonuses 

for yourself or a gift

Our Time Together

Astrology for all times of life

  •   To understand your current life circumstances and maneuver  through it with greater ease.

What People Say

Senior Couple Doing Yoga

Mary - Classes, Forecasts

Dorothy is very clear and down-to-earth when teaching classes as well as doing the astrology forecasts. She invites us to look at life events with a different perspective and offers advice as to how we may best benefit.

Studio Portrait

Diana - Session/Readings

Dorothy is a wonderful astrologer. While others can have their” hype “ and some be noisy—-Dorothy is calming and a real person who explains things well.

Girl with Grey Tshirt

Anita - Mentorship Program

I mentored for a full year with Dorothy. I learned so much and now utilize all the knowledge for myself and others in readings. I have also had readings with her. She is so skilled in her craft, and highly recommend her.

Full Moon


Social Media

Where else to find me? Here... and there. Subscribe and follow along. I would love to see you in these places. 

My YouTube Channel. I have created over 500 free videos! Moon and Eclipse phases, Retrogrades, and other topics to teach and explore.

Instagram: My passion for nature and a more personal side of wonder. I love to share it with you here! 

Facebook: A mix of everything and our community space, like Facebook can be!     Learn, share, post, and more! 

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