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Full Moon 27 Degrees of Leo February 16, 2022

10 things that only begin to describe what the Leo Full Moon is.

1. Passionate

2. Dramatic

3. Creative

4. Risk of the Heart

5. Excitement

6. Attention

7. Recognition

8. Romantic

9. Appreciated

10. Valued

This Full Moon is a special one. Of course aren’t they all? I say this for a number of reasons and one of them is the nature of the Moon in Leo. When the Moon is in a fire sign (they are Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), she has an extra emotional kick to her. It is like turning up the flame on a pot of water. We may heat the water perfectly for our uses or go to far and boil over.

The Moon in Leo is dynamic, passionate and creative. It loves excitement and attention but can overreact at the blink of an eye.
The Full Moon in Leo can be a wonderful time to proclaim your love for someone or take that risk of the heart. 

During this Full Moon in Leo we may also find motivation to begin the finishing stages of a creative project that may have stalled. This project could have been something we started back at the New Moon August 18, 2020. Yes, you are reading that correctly. Every New Moon starts a special cycle that will last 3 years. The current Full Moon is the halfway point in this cycle and the degree of Leo is almost exactly the same, so that New Moon and this Full Moon are connected. So do yourself a favor, look back to that New Moon August 18, 2020 you might just be amazed at what you discover.

Another way many of us use Full Moons is to do some releasing rituals. You have already started the process if you are willing to look back to August 2020. As we get closer and closer to the Full Moon we are being shown, if we can slow down long enough to see, we are being shown what is no longer needed, what is taking up too much space. When we discover what these things are we can simply let them go by recognizing the situation.

Some people like to write their intentions to release out on paper and burn them once the Full Moon has come and gone. Whatever ritual or process you like to do during a Full Moon ultimately what is happening is you are giving something you love and are passionate about room to grow and expand. 
In my eyes that is one of the bigger pieces of the Full Moon, making us aware of where we want to put our energy.  

This Full Moon is also squaring the Lunar Nodes in the sky. This represents a collective shift of values. We all have different values, and even you and I have different values then we did a few short years ago. This Full Moon will activate that in our lives.

It can also speak to awareness around financial institutions and money. Taurus is the money we earn and how we spend money on luxury item or the things that we want. Scorpio which is where the South Node is it's about saving and investing, making money that way. So this is a whole different component of what this Full Moon can do.

Another interesting piece about this Full Moon and the next one is the Moon is closely relating to Pluto as it leaves the zodiac sign it is in. This means the Moon is infused with plutonian energy.

What does that mean? It means we have the power of transformation and transmutation with these Full Moons especially the Full Moons in January, February and March. 

To top this off if you follow Void of Course Moons, over the coming months since Pluto is at the end of Capricorn almost every time the Moon is shifting from one sign to another she will be in contact with Pluto.

It is like the Moon is going through her own metamorphosis these days and if you tap into that you can receive some deep healing and internal transformation yourself.


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