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Full Moon in Aries October 9 - What Will Be Reveled Now?

Full Head On Challenges

The power of this Full Moon in Aries will be felt for a long time due to its zodiacal position and the other planets and asteroids it is connecting with during its full illumination.

As we approach the Full Moon on October 9th the energy of the Aries Moon will be growing, especially once the Moon enters Aries mid-day on Friday the 8th. The fire energy of Aries always stirs up deeper feelings, passion and the urge to fight, take charge or lead the troops into battle. Even Full Head on Challenges.

Do you have something you want to fight for?

I know it doesn’t take much to see this kind of behavior around us in our neighborhoods, cities and towns, let alone the country or world. Here is the U.S.A. we are in the mists of local elections and picking our new senators and congress people. The debating is very lively as anyone would expect and election day November 8th has an Eclipse that promises to bring about some changes that we cannot predict even though some will try.

Currently we are bombarded with horrible commercials that only feed fear and create even more division. But the sign of Aries is ruled by Mars and together they are fearless. So we have an opportunity, if we choose, with this Full Moon in Aries to bring out our internal warrior and be fearless against the machine or whatever you happen to be challenged by right now.

This is only one way we may experience the Full Moon in Aries let’s explore some others.

Aries is a Fire sign and that means when we are emotionally activated, we want to take action, be independent and resourceful. 

We can’t sit still and we are willing to fight for what we want. With the Sun on the other side of the zodiac in Libra this brings to our attention our balance and equilibrium in any area of life. Whether it be your domestic partnership, business partner, co-worker or workout buddy. How are things going? Are you feeling the support you expect from that relationship?

Maybe you feel like you have no support at all in life and you are always doing everything on your own or at least it feels that way to you. Is it time for you to ask for help and be open to receiving it? Are you feeling resentful about all the things you do for everyone else?

Please don’t just read these words, take a minute and see if you need to address anything that may be triggered by reading those questions. The Full Moon is always about revealing to us what we need to see and giving us the opportunity to adjust and make changes where we see it is needed.

This Full Moon is only 2 degrees away from Chiron. Chiron is the “Wounded Healer” and this tells me there are a lot of people that are suffering and being triggered by old childhood issues. However with the action-oriented Moon in Aries we have the chance right now to take steps in the direction of healing. Finding that perfect modality or therapist to help you to move forward on your healing journey.

We also have the asteroid Eris near the Full Moon. She is considered a companion of Mars (the ruler of Aries) but she is well know for creating chaos. I know that does not sound good and I expect we will see this chaos energy build over the coming weeks. That seems to part of life on the planet these days. But how can you be ready? We already have Uranus the lord of change and freedom super active and now we also have to include chaos. RIGHT? Seriously we do need a break from all these huge changes re-setting the planet.

So how do you handle all the changes and chaos that are currently present? You stay centered and focused on what is most important to you. Your people, your family, your home. Then we also should be finding ways to do things differently. So much is changing we need to be innovative now and step so out of the box we can’t even find it again.

The energy of the planet is changing, has been for a few years now, the dark and the light are in a serious battle. So hold your light and you will be the steady rock you need.

I would also like to approach this Full Moon from the Lunar Gestation Cycle; we've done this before. It's a lunar system that occurs in nine-month intervals over a three-year period.

So this Full Moon is directly connected to the New Moon in Aries April 11, 2021 yes 18 months ago. Look back to that time frame, what was going on in your world? You may have set New Moon goals then based on Aries qualities. You also may not have intentionally done anything. But read your journal or look at your calendar see what was begun. Where you excited about something beginning? Did you take some action that felt great? Were you fighting for some harmony in your life? I was moving, forced to move, pandemic, landlord decided to sell the home I rented. I was angry that I had to move because I liked where I was.

The next lunar event is 9 months later on January 9, 2022 when the Sun and Moon are square. The Moon in Aries very near the same degree of our current Full Moon. Something at that point would have been showing up for you to see what the next step is of a similar theme that began around the New Moon in April 2021. You do need to find a common thread here. But all of it will be about action since we are working with the Aries Moon in all these situations. For me my then current landlord did the same thing the last one did. Told me the lease would not be renewed. She raised the rent too high for me.

Now back to the Full Moon in Aries. In a nutshell we will be able to see clearly. Our focus is on social matters, personal relationships and relationships to the public. Even if you are not in a relationship or partnership someone or something will show up now to reveal to you what is coming to a head. So time will tell. I am in good place now, should not have to move again for a long time. A good relationship with current landlords.

Everything we began at the New Moon is at its maximum visibility now. Complete awareness, total engagement, everything is revealed. We get to see and realize what our efforts have accomplished that were begun 18 months ago. And in typical modern pop Astrology this is also a great time to release what no longer serves you. To me this is automatic if you are taking time to process what is being presented to you.

I think that is enough to think about for now.

Have a wonderful week, blessings and Namaste’ Dorothy


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