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The Full Moon in Cancer January 6, 2023

People are going to be asking why am I so emotional?

Choose kindness and gentleness.

We have an incredibly sensitive Full Moon in Cancer this week. The Moon is always sensitive in its’ own sign of Cancer but these days the Moon is also traveling very high in the sky when she is in Cancer. This means we are even more aware of our sensitivity than what is common when the Moon is in Cancer. Let me explain.

To really connect go outside and check out the Moon as its waxing to full stage over the few days especially January 3 thru the 6th and you will see it moving higher and higher in the night sky. Go out at the same time every night to see where she is. By the time we get to the Full Moon you will have to look straight up to see it. This measurement is called declination and when the Moon is really north or high in the sky like this, that amplifies our sensitivity and heightened emotions. (The same is true when she is very low in the sky and in Capricorn).

People are going to be asking why am I so emotional? This is why but there is more, and I will cover that shortly.

Heavy Astro content here. On January 3, 2023 the Moon is just starting to move “out of bounds” (this is that high in the sky measurement I just talked about) and it is also conjunct to Mars on this day, who is retrograde and also in Gemini. Both are “out of bounds” and it will feel like no matter what we say or do we are overly emotional and may take words the wrong way. We also have Mercury retrograde; Mercury rules Gemini where Mars is retrograde now. Feels like a double whammy.

So many of us will wonder why the words we say or hear feel harsh, judgmental or critical, setting off unresolved emotions in us and others.

For the most part people are not being intentionally malicious it's just we are overly sensitive with this placement of the Moon as we get closer and closer to the apex of this lunar cycle the Full Moon in Cancer January 6 at 6:08 PM EST – 3:08 PM PST.

I recommend during this time January 3rd thru the Full Moon in Cancer you be extra easy on yourself and those you live with.

Treat yourself and others with grace and understanding, choose kindness and gentleness. With emotions heightened as they are during a lunar event like this, we need to be aware and conscious of our own behaviors and even recognize when others are not aware.