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The Full Moon in Cancer January 6, 2023

People are going to be asking why am I so emotional?

Choose kindness and gentleness.

We have an incredibly sensitive Full Moon in Cancer this week. The Moon is always sensitive in its’ own sign of Cancer but these days the Moon is also traveling very high in the sky when she is in Cancer. This means we are even more aware of our sensitivity than what is common when the Moon is in Cancer. Let me explain.

To really connect go outside and check out the Moon as its waxing to full stage over the few days especially January 3 thru the 6th and you will see it moving higher and higher in the night sky. Go out at the same time every night to see where she is. By the time we get to the Full Moon you will have to look straight up to see it. This measurement is called declination and when the Moon is really north or high in the sky like this, that amplifies our sensitivity and heightened emotions. (The same is true when she is very low in the sky and in Capricorn).

People are going to be asking why am I so emotional? This is why but there is more, and I will cover that shortly.

Heavy Astro content here. On January 3, 2023 the Moon is just starting to move “out of bounds” (this is that high in the sky measurement I just talked about) and it is also conjunct to Mars on this day, who is retrograde and also in Gemini. Both are “out of bounds” and it will feel like no matter what we say or do we are overly emotional and may take words the wrong way. We also have Mercury retrograde; Mercury rules Gemini where Mars is retrograde now. Feels like a double whammy.

So many of us will wonder why the words we say or hear feel harsh, judgmental or critical, setting off unresolved emotions in us and others.

For the most part people are not being intentionally malicious it's just we are overly sensitive with this placement of the Moon as we get closer and closer to the apex of this lunar cycle the Full Moon in Cancer January 6 at 6:08 PM EST – 3:08 PM PST.

I recommend during this time January 3rd thru the Full Moon in Cancer you be extra easy on yourself and those you live with.

Treat yourself and others with grace and understanding, choose kindness and gentleness. With emotions heightened as they are during a lunar event like this, we need to be aware and conscious of our own behaviors and even recognize when others are not aware.

The Sun has also just finished a square aspect to Chiron the wounded healer on January 2nd. This means we may be going into this Full Moon with hurt feelings already. This is an opportunity to process what has come up and gently work through it.

The Full Moon is also sextile Uranus and trine Neptune. This represents an opportunity to approach something differently as long as we're taking good care of our own emotional well-being and allowing ourselves some quiet time to meditate, listen to music or be creative. Do whatever it is that you use to get you back to a calmer or neutral place.

I have focused heavily on our feelings and emotions during this Full Moon in Cancer however there are other things Cancer will want to focus on too. For example how we care and nurture ourselves and our family, what is happening at home that may need your attention? Are you feeling secure? This is the placement of the Sun in Capricorn. That's the other half of the Full Moon.

Next, I want talk about the lunar gestation cycle that this Full Moon is a part of because everything in astrology is part of a cycle and a pattern.

We need to go back 18 months and look at the New Moon in Cancer which was on July 9, 2021. Look at your journals or your New Moon intentions and wishes, what were you focusing on at that point in time? Identify what you were focusing on and write it down now.

Nine months later the Moon in her first quarter also in Cancer April 9, 2022. This first quarter phase which is 9 months after the New Moon I just mentioned. Take what you learned, what you discovered, what you began at the New Moon (July 9, 2021) and see what has started to grow from those intentions and wishes. (I have my example at the bottom so you can see what I mean here if this is new to you).

At first quarter April 9, 2022 we have work to do to make things happen. It might look or feel like a struggle or hard work but was worth it? Write that down now too.

Now another nine months and we're back to today and the Full Moon on January 6, 2023. You should be able to see everything that has come to your attention from those other two lunar events that are directly connected to the Full Moon on January 6, 2023.

And if that's too complicated just look at those three dates July 9, 2021 - April 9, 2022 - January 6, 2023. All lunar events within a few degrees of each other, all related to the Cancer qualities which I talked about in this forecast. You should be able to see a pattern.

Many of you know this – some do not. My story

Personally for me it was about home - family - security of my home. How I wanted to feel when I came home to my apartment and how close I was to my 89 year old Mother so I could continue to help her.

I was in a nice town in July of 2021 but the owner of the property was not easy for me to get along with. After being there just a couple months I actually hated pulling into my driveway, my blood pressure would go up wondering if the landlady was home. She lived underneath me. I never felt comfortable or secure there for many reasons even though I was only a half mile from my beloved beach.

By April 2022 I was in my new apartment for just 10 days it was a lot of work to move again after just one year. That was the struggle of the First Quarter Moon, finding a home in a crazy market and packing everything again after just 12 months. But I can see now it was well worth it. However Mom duties are more difficult since I am no long 4 miles from her, so other family members have stepped up. (They were amazing before this anyway).

The Full Moon coming up on January 6 while it isn't here yet, at the writing and posting of this forecast I am incredibly grateful to be in a location that I know I can stay for decades if I choose. Living expenses are less and that is certainly a plus, and I'm only 25 minutes from where I used to be so that is ok. I have figured out my share of Mom duties too.

So the Full Moon in this scenario is showing me what I'm grateful for, how things have worked out, and if I need to make any adjustments this is the week to do it because everything is completely and totally illuminated. However some adjustments do take longer and this is perfect because each lunar gestation phase lasts 9 months so we all have plenty of time to work on our own interests.

I feel blessed just rereading this.

How are you feeling? Are you doing the things that make you and/or your family feel safe and secure? Loved and nurtured?

I hope so because how I see it, having a safe and secure place to call home, as well as good health and good food, are fundamental need for humans. That is our focus for this lunar phase.

Blessings to you and your family. Dorothy


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