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There is always so much to talk about when we have a Full Moon so let’s get started.

Full Moons always usher in complete and total awareness around one or two subject matters for everyone, or at least the opportunity for it. Not everyone chooses to be aware.

Have you noticed the level of energy around you lately? This will happen when the Sun is moving through a Cardinal Fire sign like it is now, that would be Aries. For many months we had no planets in fire signs, so it was like we were simple coasting along and not making too many big decisions. But now that we have the Sun in Aries and Mercury just finished going through the sign we are moving right along. 


Now who doesn’t love looking at the Full Moon? She is bright and beautiful in the night sky reflecting the light of the Sun. This is also what we feel energetically during the Full Moon phase. This Full Moon in Libra has us focusing on what is being reflected to us at this time. Full Moons are always about awareness and relationships. Libra is that as well. So this once-a-year Full Moon in Libra is a huge shout out to the important relationships in your life. The ones that support you and the ones that do not.

I also want to remind us as well that the Full Moon is a reflection and that means during this time people and or events will be reflecting to you were your energy is focused.

Are you seeing lots of love and compassion around you? Friendliness and lightheartedness? Maybe you are seeing too much turmoil, anger and stress.

It is time to check in with yourself and see what that means, especially if you are not happy with what is going on around you. We can change what is happening around us by changing our focus.

I do know there are plenty of times when things are out of our control but where you can make choices to shift your energy, PLEASE DO.

Simple things, turn off the TV, get out in nature, spend less time with people that drain you. And if you can’t do that because maybe you live with them or work with them, take some time to find your harmony and balance somewhere else. Even if it is 5 minutes at a time. Small steps like finding 5 minutes to yourself is a very good first step to creating what you are wanting.

Full Moons are always about awareness. This means spending time doing things you love and also letting go of the things that are not good for you, taking up valuable time or draining you. The Full Moon is wonderful in this way. Take advantage of it by purposefully creating a space where you can release what is not helpful or productive in your life anymore.

Now, I want to focus on a couple other dates that are related to this Full Moon. It's called the Lunar Gestation Phase.

Get out your calendar or journal and please look back to October 16, 2020, that is when we had a New Moon in Libra at a similar degree as the Full Moon we are talking about. Also look back to July 17, 2021 that's when we had the First Quarter Moon in the sign of Libra, also in the same degree as the current Full Moon. These two other moments in time are part of a longer cycle that is in full awareness now since we are in a Full Moon.

Now take a few minutes and go back to the New Moon on October 16, 2020 and look at your journals, what did you begin? What were you focusing on? Writing out your goals and intentions for manifesting at that point in time. Yes, we all know what was going on in the world in the Fall of 2020 but what was going on in your personal relationships those Libra partnerships? Only you know the answer to this I cannot tell you. Look closely and write it out now, what were you focusing on?

Nine months after this New Moon we had the first quarter July 17, 2021. At this point the Moon in Libra square the Sun, this Lunar Phase creates action, activity, sometimes stress and struggle for what you're working on but it is worth the effort. At this time what were you working hard on? It is related to the New Moon just mentioned in the prior paragraph.

And now we're at the Full Moon in Libra April 16, 2022. Look at those other dates, bring them forward to now. What are you aware of now, are you satisfied with the results? Maybe you need to let go, create a releasing ritual.

All of these Lunar events are also tightly connected to Pluto by a Cardinal square. This means that the changes we have been going through in our relationships, partnerships and even the relationship to ourselves have been on a deeper level then we could have imagined.

Well honestly I am sure some people knew but many did not understand the magnitude of the changes in our relationships. Yes 2020 did a number on many friendships and families, lots of division, but now we can be aware of what really happened. Maybe you will come back together and maybe now just shows you that the time is over and it is best to part ways.

Love relationship, business partnership, boss, co-workers, lawyers, your realtor……. any relationship really. What are they reflecting to you? What choices can you make now to shift this if it is not healthy for you?

Our next lunar event is on April 30, 2022 which is a New Moon Solar eclipse. So don’t miss this opportunity now to clear the deck or make some space for what is to come by taking some time for you, clear, release, and reflect so you can see the path in front of you.

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Many blessings and here’s to the next Eclipse Season. Time to get ready. Dorothy


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