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Full Moon in Pisces September 10, 2022 6:00 AM EDT

Daily Focus - Creativity - Spirituality - Boundaries

The first question I would pose is “What do you want from this Full Moon”? Each month we report on the New and Full Moons. They are only 2 weeks apart and if you are anything like me there are times when I can get a lot done in two weeks and other times when nothing gets done no matter what I planned to do. The short monthly cycle absolutely speaks to our daily living. Actually the Moon is about our hour-to-hour life each moment in time has a feeling and emotion.

When we are focusing on the Full Moon as it is coming into full illumination somethings in our lives will be building in energy as well. If you can take some private time, some quite time, and stop or meditate you will be able to tap into what the monthly Full Moon is showing you.

This month the Full Moon is in Pisces and the Sun is still in the opposite sign of Virgo. When this happens we are asked to focus on the details “VIRGO” but also allow yourself to get lost in the details and forget about everything else “PISCES”.

When we pay close attention to the details of the moment we focused on what we are doing and usually nothing else is able to get your attention. That is being lost in the moment.

For example the other day I decided I wanted to shave all the little knots off of my favorite summer bed spread. I had to do both sides too. I was using a small device made just for this. I knew I had chosen to do a Virgo activity but once I was a few hours into it I realized it was also a Pisces activity because I was lost in the moment. It took over 6 hours to complete the task but it was so relaxing to be doing one simple thing that let me forget all the other things that tend to occupy my mind.

Now you don’t have to go that far, I knew once I started that process it would take many hours, but you can do something like this in your own way.

The Full Moon in Pisces is helpful for us to relax and let go of all the details that seem overwhelming. 

Another way this Full Moon can be illuminating is by checking our limits and boundaries. Do you have good boundaries set up around you?

This Full Moon will make you aware if you do not and that in turn may encourage you to set up some boundaries where you need them.

If you are also leaning toward some more spiritual practices of any kind, then this Pisces energy will also help you. We are more sensitive and can get overwhelmed easily without proper boundaries.

This Pisces Full Moon is also very close to Neptune the planet in charge of Pisces so that will amplify these energies even more.

And if you are the creative type this Pisces activation by the Full Moon will help us to tap into our creative flow so we could possibly finish up creative projects and with Uranus close by he says we can approach something differently.

If you like to look at the long range Lunar Gestation Cycle then here are the other lunar events that are part of the family this Full Moon is connected to.

New Moon at 23 degrees of Pisces March 13, 2021 - when we began something new that is Pisces related.

First Quarter at 19 degrees of Pisces December 10, 2021 – when that something started to show promise and we really gave it our attention.

Full Moon at 17 degrees of Pisces September 10, 2022 – when that something now has a life of its own and we are willing to share it with the world and/or give it all our attention.

Last Quarter Moon will be at 19 degrees of Pisces June 10, 2023 – when that something we started way back in March of 2021 has come to some kind of conclusion or is about to be harvested.

So no matter your focus during this Full Moon the short monthly cycle or the longer 3 year cycle every Full Moon has the potential for maximum awareness around whatever is the most important to you at this time.

Working with the Pisces energy right now and allow things to flow – putting up healthy boundaries and reaching for your dreams are all possible.

Of course there is always more we could write about but in the meantime DARE TO DREAM.



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