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Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 3, 2023 ~ Inspires Us

Full Moon in Sagittarius

I find the annual Full Moon in Sagittarius always inspires us with its’ curiosity, spontaneity, and willingness to explore and openness to learn. I want to play, experience life and learn from a new perspective. These things and more are pure Sagittarius feelings and expressions.

When we have a Full Moon in Sagittarius we feel that spark to explore and discover. So pay attention as we get closer to the Full Moon on June 3rd to your impulses to explore something different and new to you. "And then, if you find yourself longing for an even greater adventure or seeking to embrace a bolder endeavor, then it might be time to channel your inner Sagittarius. Harness the fiery spirit, optimism, and love for exploration that defines this zodiac sign and is highlighted with the Full Moon. Embrace the natural energy of Sagittarius, and set your sights on something grander, something that ignites your passion and propels you towards new heights.”

This Full Moon is at the 14th degree of Sagittarius and if we look at the Sabian Symbols for that degree of the Zodiac this is what it represents. The pyramids and the sphinx. The ultimate in exploration, discovery and knowledge. I just finished watching 3 seasons on Egypt, Egyptologists and Archaeologists as they continue to dig and explore in the valley of the kings. Every little artifact they find buried in the sand adds to the bigger picture and knowledge they have of this ancient culture and the individual they happen to be focused on.

I bring this up as an example for you and me. Where in your life are you interested in expanding, exploring, embracing your curiosity to discover more about yourself – your partner – or any other person or situation in your life?

I say partners because Full Moons are often about us and them, you and me etc. Full and total awareness around what is working and what is not working. Like the archaeologists in Egypt we too can look at and discover the smallest of artifact = thought process, emotional reaction or response from our current life situations and decide if what we are doing or the people we have in our lives should be in our lives to stay or released so we can create more space for the positive things to grow. Every Full Moon has these qualities but this one is a little bit special. Read on to learn more.

Now let’s take a look at the LUNAR GESTATION CYCLE this Full Moon is a part of.

Back on December 4, 2021 we had a New Moon Solar Eclipse in the same area we currently have the Full Moon. Side note: if the Lunar Gestation Phase Cycle includes an eclipse (this one does) it has a lot more punch than just a basic New Moon it is special because we started this Lunar Cycle with a powerful event. Now let’s look back to the dates I am giving you here and see what the theme is, what did you begin or what was initiated at the New Moon Eclipse December 4, 2021. This is where keeping a journal is so important so we can tap into what was happening 18 months ago.

What did you discover or begin in December of 2021? Write it down and watch the theme of this cycle reveal itself.

Nine months after the New Moon we have The First Quarter Moon (in some calendars they call this one the 2nd quarter) in a similar degree as the New Moon. This is a turning point, the square between the Sun and the Moon. Lots of times there is stress and struggle at this point in the lunar gestation phase. Courage may be needed to face the challenges that often occur at this lunar phase. However if we put in the work, we should have a positive outcome once we get to the next lunar phase nine more months later which is our current Full Moon. Now we are ready to express or use everything we have learned over the last 18 months.

Re-cap: while this Full Moon is not as powerful as some Eclipses are, it is part of an Eclipse that began this Lunar Gestation Cycle 18 months ago. Don’t hold back if you feel the need to explore and do something. Let the Sag within you inspire you, to fearlessly explore the places that excite you and lead you into uncharted territories of your Soul.

The Sun and Pluto are also in play during this Full Moon

That indicates a deeper message is at hand. The Sun in Gemini is all about getting the message out there. The Sun and Pluto contra-parallel pulls in a deeper component to this Full Moon so we can make some greater changes then we first imagined.

If you do releasing rituals during Full Moons be prepared for some big changes. It feels like shadow energy may rise for clearing.

The very next day June 4th Mercury and Uranus are conjunct in Taurus. This is inspiration, innovation, inspirational ideas, progressive thoughts and action.

Be different, do something different, more exploration is needed.


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May 30, 2023

I read the blog and looked back at my calendar and a whole series of events took place that were linked by the lunar gestation cycle. I was floored by what I found out. Thanks for your help in pushing me to dig deeper.😮

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