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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio May 5, 2023

Taking a deep dive into the Eclipse

This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio will be an intense feeling lunar event. Over the two weeks between the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries which was April 19/20 and the coming Lunar Eclipse at this posting so much has already happened energetically and emotionally for so many people.

There is a good chance you are reading this before the Full Moon Eclipse so I will ask you to pay close attention to how you are feeling between now and May 5th. What emotionally is coming up for you that feels intense, deep, sad, or depressing, maybe you are feeling some anxiety or nervousness. The need to understand what is happening around or in you on a deeper level.

We are in a very intense time period so if you are going down a rabbit hole that does not surprise me. It is not just that we are between eclipses we also have Venus in Gemini moving over and activating the area of our lives that Mars retrograde in Gemini stirred up between September 8, 2022 and March 15, 2023. When Mars was retrograde, he brought up a lot issues and even anger around information – communications – contracts etc. Venus being in Gemini and activating the Mars transit while we are between eclipses represents a need to appreciate and value certain things in our lives. Those details depend on your natal astrology. But for certain we are talking about action we took as well as thoughts, feelings, words said, going over these thoughts again and again.

We also have Mercury retrograde April 21 to May 15, 2023. This retrograde recommends we slow down and re-evaluate what it is we truly value in our own lives especially when it comes to those Mercury/Gemini qualities. (Communication, speaking, information, contracts, cars, your local community, siblings, schooling and so much more.) I am not saying everything listed will be an issue, it is a list, so you get an idea of what these planets and signs represent.

All the planets I have talked about so far may be in different signs, but they are connected and bound together between the time period of the two Eclipses. We also have Venus in the sign Mercury rules and Mercury is in the sign Venus rules. They have each other’s back like siblings or cousins would. (I hope you get along with your family members). If you don’t think of the friends that have your back.

To be clear I am not saying everything is necessarily bad or problematic; some things might be, as that is the nature of real life. In fact, some of us might actually be energized by the movement of the planets and the power of the Eclipses, which can help us to accomplish a great deal.

So how does it feel to you? Take some time right now to reflect and answer those questions for yourself. For those of you who are practitioners ask your clients what they feel and think now too. Doing this will give all of us an opportunity to clear some very deep thoughts and find some clarity.

Here are some ways to give your mind a deep cleaning if you want. Just some thoughts that work for me personally.

1) Practice mindfulness by being in the moment I do this when I get out in nature or hit the floor to do some stretching after sitting a long time. Walking in the forest on the beach or kayaking on a lake. Things my body can do that help my mind and Soul feel better. What can you do?

2) How about writing out how you are feeling.

3) Talk about it with somebody.

4) Put on some music and dance.

5) Get more sleep.

Just a few thoughts, what will you come up with?

This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse represents taking a deeper dive into your Soul and asking what you need now. Full Moons always reveal to us what we need but when it is an Eclipse something is still hidden that needs to come to the surface. It may even surprise you thanks to URANUS being right next to the Sun during this Full Moon Eclipse.

It is up to you to go deeper and if the Soul wishes it, you will.

All of Astrology is cycles and repeating patterns so knowing other dates that are affected or will be is super helpful in planning while using Astrology.

Now let’s talk about the Lunar Gestation Cycle this Full Moon Eclipse is a part of. When there is an Eclipse during a Lunar Gestation cycle we really need to pay attention to the other dates I am about to give you.

Following the date listed below you should be able to see the pattern you began 18 months ago that is being revealed now.

New Moon on November 4, 2021 yes 2021 at 12 Scorpio. What did you begin back then?

First Quarter Moon on August 5, 2022 at 13 degrees of Scorpio. What were you working on that you started at the New Moon?

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is now May 5, 2023 at 14 degrees of Scorpio, full awareness.

The Last Quarter Moon will be February 2, 2024 at 13 degrees of Scorpio, at that time we will be harvesting and tying up loose ends to whatever we started at the New Moon.

Recap: Lunar Gestation Phases are Four 9 Month cycles that start at every New Moon.

At the New Moon we set goals and intentions as well as acknowledging how we were feeling.

The First Quarter Moon is when we are working hard toward the goals we set at the New Moon 9 months prior to this Moon.

The Full Moon we are taking full advantage of any opportunities that we have created or have presented themselves.

The Last Quarter Moon we will be acknowledging the wisdom from the prior 27 months as well as harvesting what we can from the situations and opportunities we have been working on during that time.

So that is my deep dive with the Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse. Of course there is always more. If you need my personal insight about anything, please reach out.


Love this! Thank you for this information~! As always, to the point(s)! 😍

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