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As always Eclipses are powerful and loaded with energy. This eclipse is no different. Just having a Full Moon in Scorpio is powerful to begin with because when the Moon is in this Zodiac sign it has such deep, penetrating, obsessive feeling. We feel everything more intensely when the Moon is in the sign of Scorpio. Even passion and joy, love and desire, as well as jealousy and betrayal. We need to be careful not to become obsessed. We may also take a little something someone said or did and spin it out into a major issue or offense. This doesn’t mean there aren’t some big issues brewing for some people because that is also very true.

I simply want you to be aware that there will be differing levels of intensity with this Eclipse depending on your current life circumstances.

We could also use the qualities of this Scorpio eclipse by doing some much needed research. This works well with the current Retrograde of Mercury because he also would like us to slow down, take our time and process or integrate.

On another point we as humans do judge things as good or bad, right or wrong, light or dark. But the truth here is no matter how you end up using the energy of this eclipse or how it manifests in your life, it will be how you need it for this moment in time.

Information – transformation – understanding – regeneration - Scorpio

Now let’s get into some more of the details of this Lunar Eclipse plus other lunar event days that are directly connected to this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

Since it is a Lunar Eclipse it is also call a Blood Moon because of the red color of the shadow created by the earth that crosses the face of the Moon during the event. If it is night in your location during the Eclipse, then you will be able to see it. Ask when the eclipse is for your time zone. The reason for the different dates of this Eclipse is time Zones. May 15 or May 16 depending on where you live.

Whenever we have a Full Moon it creates an awareness of what is going on in our world and our personal lives. Look to the house placement for more personal details. Where is 25 degrees of Scorpio for you? Find that and you will have a lot more to work with.

This Scorpio Moon is also connected to the ruler of Scorpio “Pluto”. This connection is going to intensify the qualities of this Scorpio Eclipse. (The first paragraph has all those key words if you want to pause here and go back and get them).

This Eclipse is also connected to Mars and Neptune both in Pisces in an easy connection which encourages the flow of emotions and heightens receptivity.