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New Moon in Aquarius January 31/February 1, 2022

Stabilizing – Social – Intellectual – Innovative – Independent

There are so many key words that speak to what Aquarius is all about and those in the Subtitle are just some of them. Aquarius is the humanitarian its democratic, universal, typically very people/group oriented. Also unorthodox and unconventional as well which is why it can be so innovative and progressive. However the energy of Aquarius can also be very opinionated and unreasonable as well as missing the smaller picture; the present moment and thinking too far ahead. This can feel impersonal and detached to some of us. If you have personal planets in Aquarius you know you can be in your head way too much most of the time.

However we can all embody the positive and the not so positive aspects of any Zodiac sign and I believe that's the purpose of living to begin with. Experiencing life and situations from all angles whether it is judged as good or bad.

This New Moon in Aquarius at 12 degrees is quite close to Saturn’s position on that day which is 15 degrees of Aquarius, as well as being square to Uranus. This adds an extra layer of fixity and feeling as if something is about to give, break, or let loose. Fixed sign squares are like this and so is the 15th degree of any fixed sign.   

The chart for the moment of the New Moon (without adding in the Ascendant or Mid-heaven since we all live in different places) is dominate in the fixed modality and the element of Earth. We have many planets in the earth sign of Capricorn and the fixed signs as well. (This is basic Astrology – knowing the elements and modalities of the zodiac signs.)

If you would like to learn I am starting a new 4 week class on February 8, 2022. It is posted on my web site under classes.

Heavy Astrology content here. If you know your astrology, then you also know the only sign that is Fixed and Earth is Taurus. So the New Moon in Aquarius also has a strong connection to Taurus as well. Who is in Taurus? Uranus and the Lunar North Node. Uranus is also the ruler of the New Moon – Uranus rules Aquarius. If this seems confusing it can be because it is a big loop of rulership.

From the perspective of Elements and Modalities the overall flavor of this New Moon in Aquarius is about global change, on every level. How the earths climate is changing and the shifts humanity is going through. It is clear we have a many Global crisis’s happening all at once these days. Aquarius is the social fabric of the world.

Pay attention to what is important to you! If you are interested in global affairs, then now is a wonderful time to act, find something you can do to help.

On a personal note find where this New Moon is in your natal chart and make it personal. Set your goals around making some changes, especially in those tougher places, you know, where you don’t like to change, where everything is comfortable. 

An even though Aquarius is a trans-personal sign and most interested in what is good for many we still need to remember; the many is made up of individuals. Here are a few ideas you might consider for your New Moon intentions. Seeking a new approach to an old way of thinking. Being open to new ideas. Changing your mind about something you believe to be true. Being available to new friendships. Being objective.

If you are so inclined maybe you can start a new group for like minded people. Networking and seeking knowledge is related to Aquarius.

I know there are many on-line groups already, however are they what you are looking for? If not this your opportunity to create what you are seeking. High vibe relationships that create support.

So make it personal and engage, create something new, think outside your traditional box, be open to surprises. 

Now if you know me you know I love everything about Lunar cycles. Well this New Moon is important in another way. It is exactly halfway between the Solar Eclipses we have in 2022. (This happens every year). This New Moon will make a 90-degree aspect and activate the first Solar eclipse which is on April 30th.

Why is this important? It is all about cycles and timing. Everything Astrology. Activities, events, ideas, intentions that we start during this New Moon phase will be activated strongly by the April 30th Eclipse at 10 Taurus. Don’t let this moment slip by, set your intentions, the intentions that are important to you.

This years’ eclipses are all in Fixed signs and when there are squares to those points (as we have with the New Moon I am talking about here) we have a chance to really make some changes, quick, hard and fast.

Fixed signs don’t like change, but the eclipses this year are insisting we shift. Many things will break and have broken the fabric of Society to create new space for what is to come.

Using Gamer terminology. It is time to level up. What does your next level of evolution look like? Open your mind and let the new ideas flow in.


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