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New Moon in Capricorn January 11, 2024 Stability

You'll feel a strong drive for practicality, discipline, and stability.

Capricorn New Moon in Sky with Goat

The upcoming Capricorn New Moon is all about planting seeds for long-term success. This New Moon urges us to set ambitious goals and lay down solid plans to achieve them. You'll feel a strong drive for practicality, discipline, and stability.

It's the perfect time to assess your ambitions, focus on career advancements, and take calculated steps toward your aspirations. We should embrace the power of hard work and determination during this New Moon phase. Which in turn will inspire the feelings of Practicality, Discipline and Stability

Remember, slow and steady wins the race. Don't rush; instead, build your foundations thoughtfully and methodically.

Opportunities for growth and success will be abundant if you stay grounded, organized, and dedicated to your objectives.

Additionally with this New Moon we have Mars in Capricorn forming a trine with Jupiter in Taurus, and Mars also sextile Saturn (the ruler of Capricorn).

This New Moon packs an extra punch of determination and opportunity because these planetary alignments amplify our drive and determination, fueling our ambition and giving us the energy to push through barriers.

The trine with Jupiter expands our horizons, encouraging us to take calculated risks and explore new territories, especially in areas related to work, career, or long-term goals.

The sextile between Mars and Saturn provides a harmonious link between action and structure, aiding in disciplined efforts toward your ambitions. It's a potent mix of energy that favors strategic actions and responsible risk-taking.

Ambitious goals, long term success, practicality and discipline, career advancements, determination and stability, slow and steady progress.

This period becomes an optimal time to initiate plans, pursue your goals with confidence, and make significant strides toward your aspirations.

At the very least write out your intentions and goals in your journal. If you don’t have a major focus as described write out how you are feeling, what is the mood around you during the New Moon phase, which is from January 11th 6:57 AM ET through January 14th at 1:20 PM ET. After Jan., 14th the Moon is Crescent phase.

As a reminder, we should all appreciate the Moon in Capricorn no matter what your zodiac sign is. I say this because even though the Moon in Capricorn gets a bad rap for being cold, (I am born with this), it is fantastic for logic and practical matters, but it is shy when it comes to being overly emotional.

I encourage us all to take advantage of this Capricorn energy and start your New Year off grounded in practical matters.

The last time we had the New Moon in Capricorn was December 23, 2022, thirteen months ago. Don’t miss this opportunity to start the year in a solid place!

As we bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new, I extend my hopes for you:

May your heart find tranquility, your mind clarity, your soul serenity, and an abundance of love.

*As a side note, now is when I would encourage those of you who love creating Vision boards to do them. DURING THIS NEW MOON PHASE. Date is above.

Key words about the New Moon in Capricorn forecast and the planetary aspects:

  1. Ambitious goals

  2. Long-term success

  3. Practicality and discipline

  4. Career advancements

  5. Determination and stability

  6. Slow and steady progress

  7. Opportunities for growth

  8. Methodical planning

  9. Ambition and energy boost

  10. Calculated risks

  11. Strategic actions

  12. Responsible risk-taking

  13. Initiating plans


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