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New Moon in Leo July 28 Eclipse Triggers

What Are You Passionate About?

Inspiring your childlike wonder

Besides being a New Moon this one is also an activation point for the eclipses this year. The New Moon on the 28th at 5 degrees of Leo, is a release point for the April 30th Solar Eclipse at 10 degrees of Taurus and also an awareness activation about the next Solar Eclipse on October 25th at 2 degrees of Scorpio.

The current Leo New Moon is here to inspire creativity – passion – loyalty – generosity – being heart centered – childlike wonder. Setting intentions with your passions in mind. 

The reason this New Moon is so special is because it is halfway between the Solar eclipses of 2022. Energetically this New Moon will create a fixed “T” square that has two purposes.

The first purpose would be to see what needs to be released that was started at the April 30th New Moon Solar Eclipse. I know you don’t typically hear that you need to release during a New Moon but when we are working with this method we do. I want you to check back 90 days to those intentions and goals you set and see what might have already run its’ course that you can let go of now. Doing this while the Moon is still in the new phase is key since she is still dark, that means within 24 hours of the New Moon.

Plan ahead and then give yourself some space to contemplate what that might be for you. What in regard to New Moon in Taurus intentions is no longer working. Letting go now creates space for the growth of the things that are flourishing.

An event like this, a new moon halfway between the Solar Eclipses happens twice a year. It gives us opportunities to shift our focus and minds around what we value now compared to what we valued at the Solar Eclipse 90 days ago. 

So much is always happening and to have a change of heart or change in value - what you believe - is not uncommon within a 90 day time frame. Take a good look at this.

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