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New Moon in Sagittarius December 12, 2023 ~ Explore Your Joy

New Moon image Sagittarius symbol

The Sagittarius New Moon is typically a fabulous time to explore your joy.

This month’s New Moon in Sagittarius. When we have a lunar event in the sign of Sagittarius it feels very energizing, we want to play, we want to explore life, we want to have fun. We tend to be more optimistic and feel upbeat.

It can also be a very philosophical time for us where we are exploring for ourselves what we believe in, what our truth is. Likewise we may even have an opportunity to share with others through lectures and classes or taking classes yourself.

The Sagittarius New Moon is typically fabulous time to explore your joy

To prepare for the New Moon, I recommend you use the 3 days before to take a deeper look into your life. We must clear out the old things that do not work anymore to make room for what is to come. We need to shake off the old.

We can do this easily by spending some quite time in contemplation, meditation or through journaling. Starting late on Friday night, December 8th, until the arrival of the New Moon, December 12 at 6:32 PM ET, I encourage you to prioritize finding ample quiet time for reflection. While life's unpredictability may throw challenges, I strongly urge you to carve out this introspective time, more than your usual routine, three days prior to each New Moon. It is a good habit to embrace, especially if you love working and manifesting with the New Moon each month.

New Moon in Sagittarius Quincunx Uranus - Discord - Unease – Unpredictable Emotions

The New Moon in Sagittarius is also in a quincunx aspect with Uranus. This aspect brings about a sense of discord and unease, leaving us feeling unsettled and indecisive amidst our current life circumstances. Decision-making becomes challenging, as we grapple with uncertainty and continually adapt, making it difficult to arrive at final choices. This dynamic creates a constant state of adjustment, preventing us from feeling confident in making solid, definitive goals.

Additionally, we need to incorporate how Uranus will influence this New Moon. This planet's disruptive energy prompts us to eliminate outdated elements that no longer align with our paths, creating space for something newer and freer. Given that the exact aspect to Uranus occurs before the New Moon, it suggests that during our reflection time, we might experience moments of clarity in unexpected areas of our lives.

It's critical to release old patterns to accommodate the unexpected changes Uranus can bring just an hour before the New Moon.

To clarify, there are instances in life when this kind of energy is necessary since most people are averse to change. This is the universe nudging us in a different yet correct direction.

We also have Mercury Stationary about to Retrograde.

Mercury Stationary to Retrograde on December 13th 2:09 AM ET

During the New Moon, Mercury will be stationary, and shortly after, it will retrograde. In essence, while we're contemplating what to release before the New Moon and setting intentions with its energy, our focus might become somewhat stuck.

Mercury's stationary position in Capricorn revolves around the narratives we construct about our safety and security. Capricorn embodies wisdom and determination in reaching the summit. How confident are you in the information you possess? Is it sourced from a reliable, trusted source?

While this might sound political, it can equally relate to decisions in your personal life. Capricorn governs work and career, while the New Moon in Sagittarius signifies play, exploration, and enjoyment, among other things mentioned earlier.

Mercury will retrograde back to 22 Sagittarius which is near this New Moon. This suggests that while we can engage in our usual New Moon rituals, we might need to await the completion of Mercury's retrograde before witnessing significant progress in our personal focus. That date is January 1, 2024 when Mercury stations to resume its forward motion.

Clearly, this New Moon stands out from the typical lunar events due to the involvement of these additional factors.


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