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New Moon Taurus May 19 Values – Wisdom – Quality Work – Resources

Mercury Stationary Direct - May 14

Jupiter in Taurus May 16

Jupiter Square Pluto May 17

New Moon in Taurus May 19


On Friday May 19th we have the New Moon in Taurus at the 28th degree, this is our first lunar event after the eclipses so hopefully it will feel like you have a chance to catch your breath and settle down into something that feels a little more normal or grounded.

New Moons give us an opportunity to start fresh in the area of our chart that it occurs in, as well as the sign it is in. This Month we focus on the fixed earth sign Taurus. Centering on what's important to you, what we value, food, resources, money and more.

The two weeks between the Full Moon eclipse which was on May 5th and this coming New Moon in Taurus on May 19th has been tumultuous for some and exhilarating for others. So many astronomical events have occurred since the Eclipse (and will depending on when you read this), and they have stirred up a lot of energy. This two week time period is not a normal waning lunar phase because of all the transits I will talk about here. Personally I'm still reeling from last week, which is why this written forecast is so late.

May 9th, we had the Sun conjunct Uranus the energy around that was intense, encouraging us to make a change before change happens to us. Maybe you felt the need for independence and freedom or the need to create some space so there is room for some new things to enter your life.

Did you have any sudden shifts or a-ah moments recently?

With Mercury retrograde in Taurus and on May 12th connecting to Saturn and Venus, as well as Venus and Saturn in a trine aspect on May 13th. All of these astrological events represent easy communication around what you value, maybe re-writing or editing something that is important to you, taking your time to establish some rules and boundaries.

Did you find yourself re-vising anything?

If you have any financial issues happening right now some of these aspects are great for focusing in on what your resources are, conserving money, protecting your resources or doing the things the help you to feel steady and secure. It's a very practical logical connection between these 3 planets. Mercury retrograde slowed us down so we wouldn’t make too many mistakes, hopefully.

Mercury retrograde ended late on May 14th and he will be stationary for a couple days so give yourself some space to be quite and process. Meaning don’t push anything right now, everything in IT’S time.

We also have Jupiter entering Taurus on May 16th for the next year giving a boost to anything Taurus related as described already. Big money, big expenses, intense focus on food and supplies, things like that globally as well as locally.

Adding to the mix of the waxing Moon is Jupiter square to Pluto on the 17th. We can start to get ready to reach for lofty goals that will change our lives. Are you ready? Remember we are in the waning lunar phase still we have to release and surrender first. Set your goals after the Moon is New May 19, 2023 at 11:53 AM ET. The connection between Jupiter and Pluto may also inspire a great amount of creativity that can be titled transformative or evolutionary.

Again a reminder: all of these aspects happen as the Moon is in a waning phase so releasing, letting go and surrendering to what is, is how we should be using the planetary energies before the New Moon and since I am posting this on Monday the 15th before the New Moon on Friday May 19th you are getting a heads up. Use this knowledge to your benefit.

The main question being asked no matter what your focus is, is what do you value the most? Loss always shows us what we value once it is gone. But we don’t have to go that far, but some of us will.

We have the choice to make decisions that intentionally help our lives move in the direction we want. So take some time before the New Moon to release and surrender.

And the cherry on the top….. this New Moon in Taurus is at the last couple degrees of the sign and that tells me besides setting our goals and intentions around the things we value the most, we will or at least should do this from a place of experience and wisdom.

More like this is on my Membership platform Patreon. If you are on my website, you can find it on the home page, scroll down a little and it is one of the blocks, says Patreon.

I hope you are all doing well. I really mean it. 😉


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