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Spring Eclipses with Venus in the Middle

There are so many people honing in on Eclipses and Mercury retrograde right now, which is a lot to keep track of. However we can go deeper with this Astrology not just BS key words about retrogrades and super Moons and Eclipses. There is something else happening that I want to bring to your attention. So take 2 minutes and read on, because we can use the eclipse energy and go deeper with it since what I am about to tell you is happening between the two Spring eclipses.

Let’s go! Here it is lovely Venus. Between April 18 and May 3rd, Venus will be moving through the area of Gemini that Mars spent 6 months moving through September 4, 2022 through March 16, 2023. Mars was moving between 8 and 25 Gemini, this includes the shadow phase and retrograde of Mars. A lot came to the surface during Mars retrograde in Gemini. Thoughts, ideas, plans surfacing, contracts being made, projects begun. Just think about anything that requires words, agreements or commitments.

The retrograde period for Mars was October 30, 2022 to January 12, 2023.

Why I am bringing this up now is because Astrology is always about cycles and patterns and lessons learned. As you reflect on the time period of Mars retrograde, try recalling what you were going through, what challenges you were facing, and what insights you gained.

Identify the most significant aspects that stand out to you. What sticks out the most? Now that Venus is moving through the same area you can gain a fresh perspective of your situation, one that takes into account the matters that the transit of Mars brought to your attention or initiated.

So while we are dealing with Eclipse energy and Mercury retrograde I want you to find the time between April 18 and May 3rd and see what it is you value most about the time that Mars was retrograde. Is what happened then still valuable to you? Did things turn out like you thought they would? What can you do now that will give even more value to your life.

My example. I started creating You-Tube Shorts just as Mars was at 8 degrees of Gemini in January this year. Venus is now at that degree and I have been questioning if the shorts are worth my time doing every single day…………… I never knew how much work goes into a 60 second video. (A hint 20 to 30 minutes each).

So over the next few weeks I will decide if I value that content enough to keep it up as is or will I move on to something else.

What’s your story?


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