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Super New Moon in Taurus May 7th, 2024 Invites Deep Dive into Personal Values

Using the New Moon in Taurus May 2024

Harnessing the Energy of the New Moon in Taurus

Super New Moon in Taurus on May 7th, 2024, Invites a Deep Dive into Personal Values. I've also heard that this New Moon is one of the Super Moons this year. This simply means that in the Moon's orbit around the Earth, it happens to be closer to the Earth than at other times of the month, and it corresponds with the New Moon phase. However, Super New Moons are not as widely recognized or celebrated as Super Full Moons because they aren't visible to the naked eye. Nonetheless, they still hold astronomical significance. They can influence tides more strongly than usual due to their closer proximity to Earth. I believe the intensity of this phenomenon will be felt most strongly by those who are particularly sensitive or have a planet positioned at the 18th degree of Taurus.

Exploring New Moon Taurus Rituals for Manifestation & Personal Values

Let's delve into the significance of this New Moon in Taurus and how we can harness its energy for our highest good.

After months of ups and downs and uncertainty for many, this New Moon in Taurus is a welcomed retreat. With the Sun in Taurus, Venus in her own sign of Taurus, and the presence of Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, this celestial alignment is ripe with potential.

Now, for many of us, we love to engage in New Moon rituals to focus and manifest our desires using the energy of the New Moon sign. So let’s start there.

Here are some suggestions, feel free to use any or all of them, depending on your personal desires.:

For those who are new to manifesting with the New Moon, consider using the ideas below to set goals for yourself. For instance: Write out in your journal, 'I easily find ways to create financial security over the coming weeks,' or 'I am open to new ideas around making money.' Be creative and write out the things you want. And if this feels too materialistic for you, I understand. Instead, you can simply journal about the material things you are grateful for.

  1. Focus on finances and how you make your money utilizing your own unique skills, whatever they may be.  Sample: Set a goal to develop a comprehensive understanding of your finances and be open to exploring diverse avenues for income generation.

  2. Material comforts are a hallmark of Taurus. Are you in need of some new clothes, cooking pots, a vacuum. Whatever things you might need now you can include them in your New Moon ritual. Sample: I effortlessly attract the funds necessary to replace essential possessions

  3. Explore ways to enhance your sense of security and stability, whether it's through financial planning, investing in property, or nurturing your relationships with loved ones.

  4. Take time to indulge in sensory pleasures and pamper yourself. Treat yourself to a luxurious bath, indulge in delicious food, or surround yourself with beautiful scents and sights that uplift your spirit.

  5. Connect with nature and the earthy energy of Taurus by spending time outdoors, gardening, or simply grounding yourself in the present moment.

  6. Each zodiac sign rules a specific area of the body, so let's cover that. Taurus governs the neck, throat, thyroid, and voice. If you're experiencing any issues in this area of the body, utilize the New Moon to focus on healthy ways to support and address your concerns.


Number 5 is my favorite; spending time outdoors allows me to recharge, gain perspective on what truly matters, appreciate nature's unhurried pace and ability to accomplish everything, and find solace in the beauty of the natural world.

Which of these options are you thinking of focusing on?

If you find everything overwhelming, you have the option to take a simple approach by connecting with Taurus' earthy, grounded energy. Taurus, as a fixed earth sign, represents stability and grounding. By embracing these qualities, you can anchor yourself during this New Moon.

At its core, the Taurus new moon beckons us to delve deep into our value systems and explore what truly matters to us.

I'd like to take a closer look at the overall chart for the New Moon. This additional analysis provides us with deeper insights and a broader perspective on the event.

The chart reveals an interesting pattern: all the planets are clustered within a small section of the 360-degree wheel. This configuration, known as a bundle, has been predominant since February. As a result, many of us have been intensely focused on just a few aspects of life. The specifics of this focus vary from person to person, as each individual has their own priorities.

What stands out to me is the positioning of Venus and Jupiter, two planets renowned for their positive influences, at opposite ends of Taurus. It's fascinating to note that the new Moon occurs precisely at the midpoint of Venus and Jupiter, precisely at 18° of Taurus. This alignment underscores the significance of the new Moon as an opportunity for introspection and self-exploration.

At its core, this new Moon encourages us to delve deep into our value systems and understand what truly matters to us. Taurus, as a sign, symbolizes our personal values and priorities. It prompts us to examine and articulate what we hold dear, as individuals.

Overall, the alignment of the planets in the chart, coupled with the specific positioning of Venus, Jupiter, and the new Moon, suggests a profound moment for self-reflection and clarification of our core values.

Feeling inspired by the insights of the New Moon in Taurus? Ready to explore your personal values and chart a path towards self-realization? Schedule a personalized astrology session to delve deeper into your cosmic blueprint and unlock your full potential. Take the next step on your journey of self-discovery – book your session today!



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