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Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse November 8, 2022

Hello, my friends how are you handling these energetic days?

I am pretty sure by now you have heard about the Lunar Eclipse we are having on election day here in the United States. This is certainly going to be a focus for many people since the political battle is quite divisive and is sucking the positive energy out of anything else we might want to be focusing on, at least for a lot of people but not all of us. It is my hope that you this have found your own way to stay engaged in what is important to you, vote, share and also be able to unplug from the negativity that is dominate. I would encourage long periods of time to unplug. It is good for our mental health and if we move away from the negativity, we can actually use the current Astrological energies in some productive and inventive ways.

This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is in Taurus and conjunct to Uranus and Squaring off with Saturn. These are not easy energies to manage.

However we can still use them to stay grounded in our values, feel your self-worth, know you have the power to accomplish and do anything, feel into your sense of purpose. And personally for me above all else I like to connect with nature.

This eclipse and all the connections it makes to the other planets involved is asking us to be resourceful, it is helping us to find our own autonomy, our own independence and freedom from the old and very outdated ways of being and doing. There are many systems in place that are antiquated and must evolve with the current times. Can you feel the resistance to this change?

This has been the theme of all the Scorpio/Taurus eclipses in 2022 as well as the signs of the transiting Lunar Nodes.

*The Lunar Nodes are a place in space where the Sun-Moon-Earth line up and create Eclipses. They spend 18 months in a pair of signs and as a collective all of humanity is being asked to evolve who we are and what we value now. With Taurus/Scorpio involved all we have to do is look at the global news and we will see examples of what Taurus and Scorpio rule. The food shortages – power struggles – massive greed and poverty - weather changes – the earth being ravaged and so much more.

The Eclipses in these signs are like hitting the accelerator in your car, we move ahead faster and there is more power for a period of time. We are being made aware of what needs to change.

All Full Moons and especially eclipses show us everything we need to see. Nothing can hide when there is bright light both day and night.

The opposition aspect of a Full Moon also has us focusing on social matters, personal relationships and relationships to the public. Even if you are not in a relationship or partnership someone or something will show up now to reveal to you what is coming to a head. We are at total awareness, there is usually nothing else to be revealed.

Now let’s take this one step deeper as well as a personal focus and look at the Lunar Gestation Cycle of this Full Moon Eclipse. The Lunar Gestation family works in 9-month intervals, this one started with the New Moon on May 11, 2021 at 21 degrees of Taurus. To get your personal theme look back and see what your goals where then, what your New Moon wishes were and also how you were feeling about life.

The theme is Taurus it represents what we value, for instance our money, our food, daily living needs, the abundance or lack of. These are examples of what we value. We each have our own focus so go look at yours.

Nine months later on February 8, 2022 we had the first quarter Moon in the same location as the New Moon and the current Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. This is a turning point the square between the Sun and the Moon. Lots of times there is stress and struggle at this point in the lunar gestation phase. There's a lot of activity and courage during this time period but there is also a lot of challenges. Regularly struggles that occur at this quarter moon set the stage for a positive leap forward at the next lunar phase which is our current Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on November 8th.

So take your time over the coming few weeks. Do your best not to push things hard but to find your equilibrium. Find some peace in your life and have easy conversations. Mars is in Gemini these days and retrograde until January 12, 2023, that means we can either argue and fight or be open to dialogue and new conversations while we redefine who we are and what is of value to you now.

These interesting times just keep on coming …………………….


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