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The New Moon in Leo August 16 2023

As always, every New Moon represents an opportunity to begin something fresh. Set new intentions for your life every month based off of your current life circumstances and the current zodiac sign that the Sun and Moon are in.

On August 16 at 5:38 AM ET the Moon is officially new at 23 degrees and 17 minutes of Leo. Every year when we have the New Moon in Leo it is time for you and me to hone in on the things in our lives that we love, what we are passionate about as well as our innate creative nature.

Meaning of “Hone" typically refers to refining or improving a skill, ability, or quality through practice and attention. It implies a process of getting better and more precise at something. If you were to practice creating intentions and goals to advance your life with every New Moon, you would see a remarkable difference in your life in just one year.

With the New Moon in Leo we are encouraged to set intentions around creativity, passion, artistic expression, self-actualization, generosity, loyalty, play, celebration and fun. Add any of those qualities to your current life situation and you will have a winning package made just for you.

Start out by writing out some goals for yourself around any of the words already indicated in the above paragraphs then add your spin to it. 

Leo is a Fixed Fire sign which means we might also be a bit stuck in our ways and not overly open to change. However with this New Moon we have a few other planets directly involved which will have additional impact on how this New Moon plays out.

First, we have this New Moon (the Sun and the Moon) in a square aspect to Uranus.

Sun square Uranus: breaking away from the norm, from constraints. Also can be disruptive behavior that feels unsettling to others. We need to break away from the everyday routine and depending on where this is in your own astrology chart this can bring a flash of enlightenment.

We need to break away from the everyday routine and depending on where this is in your own astrology chart this can bring a flash of enlightenment.

Again all depends on what your current life situation is like and even your current state of mind.

New Moon square Uranus creates emotional turbulence. We also may act hastily and feel rebellious, inclined to make sudden changes. It may feel like emotional psychological stress. Sometimes this erratic behavior is what a person needs in their life to make a change that has been hard to do until now. Setting goals around creative freedom, freedom of expression.

We should also consider, if life has been too boring for you lately this New Moon with Uranus can certainly shake things up especially if you have been holding off making a change that you know you should but don’t want to.

Venus in Leo who is also retrograde is close by to the New Moon as well as a wide square to Uranus. This alignment can manifest as a desire for greater autonomy within relationships and a reevaluation of personal values. These combined elements contribute to an intricate scenario that may present challenges in relationships as well as in regard to finances if that is an issue in your relationship.

We also have Mars and Uranus making a harmonious aspect with each other and connected to the New Moon by degree. I love this one, it is spontaneous and creative as well as intense.

I encourage you to think about the changes you want in your life and imagine what that looks like. Then write it all out in your journal as New Moon intentions.

PS. Before we get to any New Moon we have the final lunar phase of that month called the Balsamic Lunar Phase it begins on August 14th with the Moon in Leo along with Venus trine to Chiron and the Sun square Uranus, these are all opportunities for us to recognize and really see what it is we need to let go of before we start setting goals. We need to release to make space for what is to come.


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