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What Is The Lions Gate Portal? IMHO

What is the lions gate portal? This is what I believe and know about this phenomenon. And keeping in mind I am a very practical person that also believes in the power of Astrology and a person’s intentions. Today I want to add my 2 cents worth.

First off, it is called the Lions Gate because it occurs during the “tropical” - astrological season of Leo when the Sun is at its’ peak.

Around August 7 or 8 every year the Sun is halfway through Leo, at 15 degrees which is the peak of Summer for the Northern hemisphere. The peak of the Suns’ creative power.

This phenomenon of the Lions Gate is relatively new I'm not able to find when it really started. As far as astrology and cosmology goes I have read that the “Gate” is open when the fixed star Sirius, the Earth and the constellation Orion are all in an alignment. 

I am not sure where that alignment takes place though. I suspect we would have to be out in cosmos ourselves to see it also found in my researched that the ancient Egyptians celebrated when the fixed star Sirius arrives in the night sky and also when the constellation of Orion aligns with the pyramids of Giza. And that happens around August 8th in modern times. Not sure when it happened for them 2000+ years ago. They also did not have calendar we have today so the 8/8 is a modern addition.

It appears to me that in ancient Egypt there was a lot of reasons to watch this alignment in the night sky. Maybe it would signal that the heat of the desert Summer would subsiding soon or maybe the rainy season was about to start. This is just a guess on my part. However we know they were very connected to the world around them so they must have had good reason. I did not go that deep in my research before writing this, but I will later, I am curious about it now.

If you are a person who aligns deeply with nature then this is wonderful thing to witness. Get outside and watch the night sky for these celestial happenings. Connect with our Moon the planets in our solar system and the fixed stars. #alignwithnature. 

To me this is the magic of this day.

Let’s not forget the numerology of 8/8, it is important for many reasons and manifesting is one of them. The number 8 in numerology represents trust, working together, finances, consciousness, abundance, balance achieved, among many other things. So yes indeed it is a great day for manifesting. We are also still in the first quarter lunar phase and that represents a building and manifesting period every month. The Full Moon is August 11th I have that forecast posted now too. Please check it out HERE.

To finish up with the number 8 if you turn it on its’ side, we have the Infinity symbol. Everything is possible. It is a magical symbol that should be honored. This means we can manifest a lot of things today August 8th, “like we can any day if we stop and are present and aware of what we are focusing. However today’s Astrology also tells us to allow your day to flow, don’t push anything, let whatever is happening to simple be that. This is what the Moon in Sagittarius is reflecting to us today because as of this posting she is “Void of Course” till 2:30 PM EDT today.

Have a great day, be creative, go with the flow and allow.

In service to the cosmos, Dorothy


Aug 12, 2022

I was feeling the energy of the Lion's Gate. I was also feeling stuck in my life. My Pluto is at 26 degrees in Leo in my 11th house. Thanks for your insight.


THANKS, I always look forward every month for your post and video's. Always be Blessed ♥


Thank you for your grounded 2 cents! Even though that was worth much more. Again, truly enjoying your daily posts as well. May your full moon week be a hit. ✨

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