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FULL MOON on APRIL 5/6 at 16 Degrees of LIBRA

The Full Moon in Libra is more than just partnerships and relationships while that is typically the main keywords everyone likes to use and those words are quite valid however there are many other things that we can become aware of during a Full Moon that is in the sign of Libra.

The awareness around our companionship or alliances whether social business or legal all are ruled by Libra. Business collaborations, gathering in social environments. Justice the word and also the statue represents the sign of Libra, so lawsuits can be a focus for some of us. Libra also represents beauty and art and the balance of nature. When nature or anything is out of balance it's very apparent through bad weather or harsh environments.

So as the Moon is growing closer and closer to its Full Moon Phase which will be on April 5th Central - Mountain and Pacific zones and on April 6th 12:34 AM EDT take your time and be present, focus your awareness on these things that I've mentioned. Not all of them will come true for you or even be part of your current life circumstances because that's your personal journey. However overall, in the world around us, we will be able to see examples of every one of the things mentioned above and more. Anything to do with fairness and disharmony as well as harmony is showing its face right now. Public legal issues are front page news these days as well.

Throughout the day the Moon in Libra is making some difficult aspects to a number of other planets and that tells me that Thursday April 6th is a day of adjustments. 

So while we are ready to release and let go of the things in our lives that we are not comfortable with anymore I recommend we give this Full Moon a few days before we decide what we are releasing. A waning Moon is a waning Moon and we do not have to limit our releasing to only one day. However I do recommend it is done within 2 or 3 days of the Full Moon.

The waning Moon will enter Scorpio on Friday morning April 7th at 2:29 AM EDT and stay there for the weekend. THIS my friends will be the weekend to do some deep releasing work if you are in alignment with that kind of work. 

For those of you who want to take this a step deeper let's talk about the lunar gestation cycle that this Full Moon is connected to.

The New Moon October 6, 2021 at 13 Libra was the beginning of this gestation cycle 18 months ago. Take a look back how were you feeling, what were you honing in on, what were you focusing on? Those are the questions you want to ask yourself. All related to Libra qualities, they are listed above if you need a refresher. Write it down.

First Quarter Moon July 6, 2022 at 14 degrees of Libra - nine months after the New Moon just mentioned. At this stage we're building, maybe struggling, always worth the effort. Again related to what you started at the New Moon 9 months ago. All related to Libra qualities, they are listed above if you need a refresher. Write it down.

Now we have returned to the Full Moon that this forecast is about. What have you discovered looking back? Read your notes and then write out what you see you need to release thus giving you some space to continue to nurture the things that are growing well. This is the true nature of a Full Moon let go so you have space for what is amazing and worth your time.

Nine months from now we have the last quarter Moon that will begin the ending process of your Libra trip in this specific Lunar phase that includes the Full Moon that this report is about.

I want to encourage you to spend a little time each month especially when we're at a New Moon so you can be present with yourself write down how you are feeling and what you want your life to be. Words are so powerful – what we focus on and what we say to ourselves. We do get to decide how we're honing in and focusing on our lives and this Full Moon in Libra is especially important about what we want and need when it comes to others.

Speaking of that I'm very grateful and thankful for all of you; you are my other and the reason I do these reports. Blessings and namaste, Dorothy



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